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Contributor: Nitsa Citrine

This week our our Creative Director Nitsa Citrine interviews her oldest friend (they were born 9 days apart in Big Sur!) and lifelong inspiration Geneviève Medow Jenkins to discuss her life, relationships and current digests.…  Read more about her work as a  director, creative director and founder of Secular Sabbath  and try her chia seed adaptogenic pudding recipe below!

Geneviève is a multimedia artist, director and creative director born to a mountain above the sea in Big Sur, California. Here she developed her relationship to the arts - in writing, film, music and photography. She has lived and traveled around the world for work and pleasure. She currently resides in Los Angeles and functions as a creative consultant and director for various brands, musicians, and resorts.

Here is a little glimpse into her magically multi-faceted world...

How did you get here now - in four sentences or less!
I was born on the top of the mountain overlooking the sea in Big Sur, Californa and have never driven a vehicle in my life. In never driving, I am always with companions in cars, which is the best way to get to know people. I suppose I am here now because I love long magical conversations on curvy roads and listening to a person's stories.

Three essential ways you take care of yourself?
I cuddle a lot which releases endorphins.
I listen to ambient music to steady my nervous system and I drink tea ritualistically every day.

Tell us about Secular Sabbath.... what is it? How has the project evolved and what is your vision for its future?
Secular Sabbath is very difficult to describe so I'll try my best! In essence, it's an intentional community that has evolved into a space we create around the world as a day of rest. In Secular Sabbath, we engage all of our senses, with sound being at its heart as the event is centered around ambient music performances. Concurrently; tea ceremonies, bodywork, collaging, and other sensory experiences are happening. Thus all of the senses are engaged. It's really beautiful and unique, and difficult to imagine.
What are you listening to right now?

Currently reading?
Wim Wenders, The Pixels of Paul Cézanne

Favorite word?

Pet peeve?
When someone gets in your freshly filled cold plunge at Esalen without asking first :)

Favorite potion?
I love the coconut matcha Nitsa makes because I'm very matcha 'light' hah! I can't take the intensity of matcha sometimes.
Precious Childhood Memory?
My childhood was laced with magical threads so I was often trying to interact with the fairies. In the garden at Esalen, my girl friends and I would make fairy crowns for ourselves and the fairies out of jasmine vines and then search the garden for fairy sandwich-making. My favorite was to pick a leaf of a sorrel, making a lettuce wrap. I would fill it with chives and meyer lemon slices and hide in jasmine vines eating the sandwich. I wasn't allowed sugar growing up so I think meyer lemons became my main flavor treat. Almost as if sour replaced sweet.

Growth goals / any challenges / areas you want to grow? Can be physical / mental emotional / creative / spiritual.... open!
I want to streamline my mind so that I find myself less distracted in this age of distraction. I am just starting this book called The Organized Mind, which will hopefully give me some tips. :)
We're all accosted with so much information daily, and I wanted to be able to block out the things that don't serve me so as to better (and more deeply) explore the things that do.

What is super exciting in your life right now?
I'm really excited for Secular Sabbath this weekend! It brings me so much joy to bring all my friends together. And the new Rhye EP :) My boyfriend and I work on the creative together and we are about to move into that stage of the release so I'm really looking forward to that aspect of visuals for the EP. 
Last meal on earth?
My friend Melissa and her mom make the most amazing Chia seed vegan waffles. They are life-changing and full of love. I would eat those to feel the earthly love before I blast off.

Chia Seed Pudding from our friend Geneviève

The Recipe


Find a recycled jar


1 cup of chia seeds
2 cups of raw oat milk
1 tbsp. of Sun Potion Yin Power
1 tsp. of Sun Potion Pearl
1 tsp. of raw honey
1 tsp. of cinnamon



Shake well and put in the fridge for 24 hours

In Joy!

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