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Journal — matcha

Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.


I have been experimenting with my plant based panna cotta desserts over the last couple of years. I'm always playing around with the flavours.  I especially love my raspberry and rose panna cotta and there is nothing nicer than finishing a dinner and refreshing your palate with a zesty lemon and pearl version of this dessert!  This time I chose to make a beautiful, delicate Asian themed dessert to pair with my homemade vegetable panang curry and I thought what better ingredient for this pairing than Sun Potion's White Dragon Matcha powder along with two of the most well known Asian fruits. The Mango!  You can also make this into a breakfast version with slightly less natural sugar content and using homemade coconut kefir or coconut yogurt instead of the cream!  Serve Est. 8 Dish Type. Dessert  VG. GF  Ingredients   Filling    400ml plant based cream (I used Oatly oat cream) 400ml plant based milk (I used rude health coconut) 2 tbsp maple syrup  1 tbsp agar agar powder  1 vanilla pod  4 tsp white dragon matcha powder  Squeeze lemon  Pinch sea salt     Grilled sweet pineapple & Fresh mango    1/2 Large pineapple (Cut into 1cm cubes) 2 tbsp fresh orange juice  juice 1 lime  1 tbsp coconut sugar  1 tbsp maple syrup  1/2 tbsp coconut oil  1 Ripe mango (chopped into small cubes)      Method For the Matcha panna cotta, mix all ingredients except the Matcha into a pan and allow to sit for ten minutes.  Bring the liquid to a boil and then take it to a simmer for a further 7-10 minutes  Remove from heat and allow to slightly cool then transfer to your serving glasses and place in the fridge to set For the grilled pineapple, mix all the ingredients in a bowl and allow 30 minutes for the pineapple marinade then place under the grill for 10-15 minutes or until slightly charred Allow to cool then garnish the dessert and finish with fresh mango cubes


  I love making this latte!! There is no better drink for the summer months and personally, rain or shine I have this recipe over ice ever single time! Wanna know why? Cause it tastes like I am eating liquid form chocolatechip mint ice cream! However for all you warm drink lovers you can adapt my methods to create a hot version of the recipe for those cold winter months!Every person I have made this drink for has fallen head over heels. It’s light, beautiful to look at, so refreshing and is packed with benefits in every sip for both the mind and the body! Oh, and did I mention ittastes like Mint choc chip (but without the dairy or the calories!)Matcha is packed with antioxidants, it tastes amazing, it promotes a sense of calm and aids in a more focused mind. You can see why more and more people are switching to this nutrient rich tea as an alternative to their highly stimulating morning coffee!In this recipe I have used the Doterra peppermint edible oil. Please be careful when adding the correct amount of oil as you can very easily totally ruin your latte by adding too much of this very potent oil! That is why I have requested you use the “Toothpick swirl” Method to ensure you don’t over add the oil to yourlatte. WHAT IS A “TOOTHPICK SWIRL”?A toothpick swirl is a simple method for incorporating tiny amounts of very potent essential oils into foods. I use the toothpick method with all oils that are so strong that even a single drop can completely overpower a recipe.To measure out a toothpick swirl you’ll need to start with a plain, non infused toothpick. Simply dip the tip of that toothpick into your peppermint essential oil, and then stir into your ingredients using the now infused toothpick.The deeper you dip the toothpick, the more essential oil you’ll get and the stronger the scent will be. I recommend starting with what seems like too little and working your way up!


Plant-based Chef and Nutrition Consultant Sarah Considine of @eatcleanwithsarah has created delicious key lime cups with superfood Tocos and our Ceremonial White Dragon Matcha. Natural sweeteners, fresh fruit and adaptogens combine for the perfect treat in this creative recipe!


This morning we are sipping on this delicious Matcha tonic by Amrit-Sadhana Boyd which includes ingredients aimed to support healthy and vibrant skin—including He Shou Wu, White Dragon Matcha, Tocos, Pearl and tremella mushroom. Read on for the full recipe and for more information on each ingredient and its skin health benefits!


A creative take on an iced favorite, using vibrant pink ice cubes made from beet root! Gabi Torres has created this divinely feminine pink and green Iced Matcha Latte that incorporates White Dragon Matcha, Di Tao Astragalus and Pine Pollen. We invite you to share this colorful matcha latte inspired by Gabi's intuitive call to connect to the feminine.


Rainbow cakes come in all shapes and sizes, and we are especially fond of this beautiful citrus and berry rendition by Launette! The pastel colors and sweet citrus flavors mixed with Sun Potion Anandamide make this a perfect summertime cake for any occasion. Add some edible flowers to decorate the cake for a effortlessly stunning treat!


Christy Ross has adapted one of our favorite recipes... a White Dragon Matcha Latte to include warming ingredients like ginger and dates to help promote a sense of calm and wellbeing, especially wonderful during these times. We invite you to recreate this incredible, potent, antioxidant-rich recipe and share with us!


Join Alice York for a meditation to guide you into a space of serenity. Broadcasting from her home in Chicago, Alice leads this meditation to bring peace during a time that has likely, consciously or not, brought stress into our lives. We invite you to take a moment to enjoy this practice and set an intention for the day ahead. "The mind is so often out in the ether, traveling through time and space—racing, busy, navigating stressors, working to understand the world around us and the situations we find ourselves in—while our bodies are tangible, solid, concrete, and—following the rules of science—always in one place. Let an awareness of the breath, a mindfulness of our own breathing, bring a sense of centering, allowing the mind to integrate with the body and take a pause in the present." -Alice York


Herbalist-in-training Alice York shares her recipe for White Dragon Matcha + Sesame Cookies that radiate a verdant green leaf hue! These cookies taste incredible while still providing an immune-supportive, energetic boost. We invite you to make these for your #apotionaday!


Nutritionist Kristin Dahl shares a recipe for a delicious Matcha latte with Ashwagandha and Bio-Active Honey! It is an adaptogenic delight that is sure to warm you up both this winter and anytime of year.