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Journal — Rituals

Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.


What is best for someone who is on anti anxiety Rx and wishing to decrease Rx to removing them entirely?

Hi there, we would love to recommend adaptogens that may support stress, anxiety and the nervous ...

What would you recommend for strengthening teeth and healthy gums?

Hi there, thanks for asking! Maca is a wonderful superfood for supporting healthy we r...

Hi, After delivering my baby a year ago, my skin has been completely changed due to the hormonal imbalance. Also with lack of sleep and tiredness...

"Im looking for something that could boost my energy as well as I wish my skin could go back to t...


    Contributor: Elena Hight |
    For Olympian and professional snowboarder Elena Hight, routines that support her "joints, muscles, and tissues are imperative." This recipe highlights Eucommia, a traditional tonic herb that works with the tart cherry to support flexibility and muscle recovery - the perfect adaptogenic treat for athletes!

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    Contributor: Gabi Torres |
    “I allow the energy of love to flow through my life” “I am open to meeting my divine love” In this sensitive and empowering piece, healing artist, yoga teacher and herbalist, Gabi Torres explores the nature of the Feminine - and her personal journey in reconnecting to her feminine essence through herbs, yoga, and spiritual practice . She shares her intentions for this year and how a simple tonic made with our Yin Power blend combined with heart opening movement and affirmations, and being open to communication with the cosmos is an integral part of her tapping into her inner source of Feminine energy.....  

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    Contributor: Morgan Rae |
    Writer, artist, and environmentalist Morgan Rae shares her abhyanga practice with us  - an intimate ritual she discovered  as a way to slow down and heal from chronic health issues. Traditionally completed with sesame oil - Morgan opts to use our Shea Butter for its hydrating, balancing, collagen- producing effects on skin.... we are in love with her radiant energy and intention!

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    Contributor: Sky Serge |
    This week our beloved Sky Serge (editor + creative exec assistant) shares her favorite potion to make in the morning for energy, beauty, stress relief  and a sense of ritual.  Whether our White Dragon Matcha is prepared traditionally with a whisk or in a blender with adaptogenic upgrades,  Skylar educates us on how matcha is a staple in her nourishment protocol for activating radiance, resilience and longevity (especially when called in for extra long work days!)

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    Contributor: Andrea Ochoa |
    “The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important.”  - Andrea Ochoa  This multi-talented creative - alchemist, visual storyteller and DJ has created a love potion (and playlist) to fall head over heels for...  We invite you to take a moment today to tune your senses inward - recreate this bliss-invoking Goddess Tonic (complete with our Anandamide, a high-vibe raw cacao blend with tonic herbs, adaptogens, rose petals, and fresh spices)  - perhaps while listening to Andrea's vibey mix!

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    Contributor: Kiana Reeves |
    Kiana Reeves is a Mother, birth and post-partum Doula, Sexological Bodyworker, STREAM practitioner, co-founder of The Tulip, and the Director of Education for Foria. We are beyond honored to share her wisdom and perspective on pelvic and sexual health with you - especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner. In this sensitive, detailed article she shares five practices and tools for supporting daily pelvic health... from Vulva Mapping to vaginal steaming an Intentional Masturbation.... Kiana sets a safe and accessible foundation for deepening our sensual well-being. With all the superficial romantic hype of the Valentine/commercial holiday agenda this week we can not think of a better moment to dive into this work. Thank...

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    Contributor: Sophie Haber |
    “Her lips tasted of sweet nectar... her hair, spools of silk, and her beauty the essence of a mermaid...” Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty, associated with doves and myrtle trees. In a face mask that emulates that scene and evokes those feelings, visionary/ Goddess Sophie Haber has created an exquisite clay-based, adaptogen-rich mask with Sun Potion Solar Rose Water, Yin Power and Pearl to activate the goddess energy (and glow) within all of us!

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