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A luxurious bath soak to nourish the divine feminine mixed with radiant Pearl, soothing rose petals and dried lavender. This wonderful sea salt soak was crafted with Mother's Day in mind, but a total treat for anyone looking to nourish their body and mind...

"Oh, mother, 

I feel you all around. I see you in the softness of the morning air, in every moment of stillness in my day, & in the moments that I am most vulnerable. You are all around. You are divine feminine. Thank you for carrying & holding me wherever I go." - Melissa


Dear Sun Potion community, we meet again!

This year I've personally worked on slowing down. I embrace the softer, more yin moments of my life and leaning into them with patience and respect. After all, everything & everyone is our teacher in this life. It IS why we are here. What a beautiful thing it is to be able to feel it all. I am so incredibly grateful. 

I didn't always feel this way. The shadow that showed up in my life so often made me want to run away. In the same way, I ran away from the soft, slow moments that made me face myself. But not anymore.

Today I invite you to celebrate stillness, love, compassion & growth.

Life is cyclical; you will have a chance to go back to your regular schedule, but don't rush it! 

I've created a bath soak recipe using one of my favorite Sun Potion products, Pearl powder. Deborah Hanekamp inspired me with her book Ritual Bathswhich is all about self-healing utilizing the power of mother earth.


Pearl & Sea Salt are excellent sources of vitamins & minerals for the body. When we take a hot bath, our pores open so that our body absorbs the benefits of these beautiful minerals.

Dried Florals are healing to the skin & enhance the chill effect.

Rose Quartz is heart-opening.

Lemon is energetically cleansing to the aura & energetic body.

EO's can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system.

LOVE, well, that is always a good idea. We can always use more of that.

Luminous Pearl Infused Sea Salt Soak for The Divine Feminine


1 tsp. Pearl

1 tsp. dried lavender

1 tbsp. dried rosebuds

1 lemon sliced with a mandolin or thinly cut

⅓ cup ground Himalayan sea salt (I buy the big bag at the store & grind it in a blender)

¼ cup light coconut milk 

1 rose quartz stone (small)

EO of choice, I used 11:11 by Lake & Sky & a drop of DoTerra Whisper 


1 Muslin bag

1 small mason jar

measuring cups

measuring spoons

mandolin or sharp knife




Place your dry ingredients in the jar, add your coconut milk. Give it a good shake. Option to infuse with rose quartz overnight. If you're not using this soak right away, store it in the fridge.

When you're ready to use, place your mixture in a muslin bag & inside a hot bath (no one likes a messy bathtub.)

Now, add your sliced lemons to your bath. I like to sage the space to clean the energy before entering my bath; this sacred plant represents the feminine.

Add any other tools to this time that will help you relax & open your heart. I added my rose quartz comb by Crown Works to my ritual to enhance the effects of love.

Now you're ready. Take this time to nurture yourself, as a mother would. 
Mother's Day means & feels different for everyone. That's okay! Trust me that you are not alone.
I love you.


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Melissa Richards

Melissa S. Richards is a creative and marketing consultant with a demonstrated history of work in the beauty-wellness and fitness industry. Her ability to operate a wide range of marketing roles has made her a trusted voice in the global wellness market. Some of her clients include The Sacred Space Miami, Sun Potion, Sakara Life, de la heart, & Dark Horse Organic. 

When she is not busy helping small brands creatively plan their digital marketing, you can find Melissa traveling, making art, practicing yoga, or cooking her favorite plant-based meals from home. She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but you can find her bouncing monthly between Miami & NYC for client visits. Melissa's goal is to find a deep connection between what she loves & work. You can reach her at