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About Sun Potion

About Sun Potion

Sun Potion Transformational Foods is dedicated to health, happiness and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs. We source the planet for potent, healing substances with the ability to transform consciousness and health. We work with suppliers who can meet our stringent quality standards and commitment to purity. We only source Organic and/or Wildcrafted products and we never use ingredients that have been chemically treated in any way.

Sun Potion products are created and shared with integrity.

About Owner and Founder of Sun Potion, Scott Linde

Scott Linde grew up close to nature in Minnesota and loves tonic herbs, business, mechanical things, and life. Scott founded Sun Potion Transformational Foods in February 2011 - in many ways as a response to his desire to be of service to the planet. Scott is passionate about sharing the experience of tonic herbs with the world. He currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA - where it is beautiful, full of sunlight and home to Sun Potion Headquarters.

The line evolved from Scott's personal motivation to source the highest quality tonic herbs, algae, greens, and mushrooms from around the globe: simply (and perhaps selfishly) because this was what he wanted to put in his body! With the natural tendency to share with others, Scott began to offer the foods to friends and clients, and the company formed in response to the positive shifts in the community's health and organically growing demand for these Transformational Foods.

Today, Sun Potion brings the highest quality tonic herbs, algae, greens, and mushrooms available to all in single-ingredient, pure powder, and whole food form. Our vision is to share these Transformational Foods and activate Radiant Health for our global community!