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What Our Community Is Saying

At Sun Potion, we believe in the power of community! We know how important it is for our customers to feel the products you use each day are having positive impacts on both your well-being and the world itself. We’ve made it our mission to provide the highest quality transformational foods to improve and support your life. We also make sure that our ingredients are sustainably sourced and our partnerships support ethical initiatives on an international level.

We’d love nothing than to hear more about your personal experience with our Sun Potion products. Please send us an email at to add your testimonial or to communicate with us directly about your wellness journey.

See what the community is saying!

"Sun Potion herbs have made such a positive impact on my day to day life. Being able to easily add such powerful, well sourced herbs into my daily routine makes me feel like I can take on anything that life throws at me. No matter what the challenge I have an herb to support my body in overcoming it."

- Elena Hight, Olympic Snowboarder

"Love you guys so much you quite literally have raised my life quality and assisted in my healing journey incredibly! Eternally grateful ❤️❤️"

- Yasmin Geurts

"Every morning I wake up, I truly look forward to incorporating Sun Potion into my day. Whether it’s in my morning latte or a fulfilling new recipe, Sun Potion has completely transformed my mood, skin, energy and overall health. Not only does this company continue to provide organic high quality products; the love that goes into each jar is undoubtedly experienced. I get so excited educating others about wildcrafted herbs and turning them on to my favorite company; Sun Potion!"

-Kyra Mueller-Yamamoto,

"Not only are Sun Potion herbs of the highest quality, they are also organic and/or wildcrafted. I love supporting Sun Potion because I know I can trust what they are selling. I've been using Sun Potions adaptogens and herbs for over a year now, and I've noticed a remarkable difference in the way I feel everyday."

Alison Wu, - Wu Haus

"Sun Potion has helped me appreciate mornings- that sweet moment of me and my matcha before the day gets started is one of the pillars of my day. incorporating adaptogens into my daily regime (like tocos, reishi, pine pollen and ashwagandha) have made a huge impact on my overall wellbeing, PCOS symptoms, energy, skin, sleep, and anxiety."

-Lee Tilghman, LeefromAmerica

"I am so grateful and appreciative to Sun Potion for making my morning routine so special. Their potions have truly transformed my health in so many ways. As a singer, vocal health and overall immunity are so instrumental in the success of my career and since taking their potions, I've truly seen a great improvement in my vocal endurance and health. Incorporating their Ashwagandha, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga into my daily routine has allowed me to perform at my highest level in the recording studio and on stage. Taking Sun Potion's adaptogens daily have also drastically improved my overall wellbeing, energy levels, sleep, and anxiety. Thank you, Sun Potion!!"

Dan Berk, Singer + Songwriter

I am so glad that I started taking Sun Potion products. I have never felt better. More energy, sleep better, attitude, over all- just great! Do yourself a favor and start incorporating Sun Potion into your daily routine. You will not regret it. Promise!!!

- Marnee Martin, St. Louis

"I’m also pretty dedicated to my morning smoothie that contains—not joking—fourteen ingredients (among them, Sun Potion ashwaganda, tocos, and reishi...). So much goodness in one drink—I love that idea (clearly).

- Michelle Park, Art Director

"I am so grateful to Sun Potion for making my "everyday" so amazing. As an herbalist and acupuncturist herbal medicine has been part of my everyday life for many years. While I have always used various herbs and formulas it is vary rare to find products whose quality and potency is so high that they have the power to almost instantly transform health. My own health and that of my patients has improved tremendously since I began using and recommending Sun Potion. Everyday I look forward to my potions as they help me fee more radiant, strong and well. I love them in tea, smoothies, soups or as sprinkles and not a day goes by without them. Thank you Sun Potion!"

Minka Robinson Stevens, Family Acupuncturist & Herbalist

"Sun Potion has been incredibly instrumental in my life. I use nearly every herb at least once a week. And what I love specifically about Sun Potion is how well the herbs are extracted for I can really feel their impact - especially the ones I use in small amounts every single day. Nitsa and Scott happen to also be two of the most vibrational, egoless, and passionate people I've encountered in this scene. These are my favorite herbs on the shelf."

—Lacy Phillips, TO BE MAGNETIC

"I have been buying and loving your beautiful products for several years. I just recently tried your prash, and have been thrilled with it beyond words. I take it in my tea each evening, and sometimes in the mornings as well. It is a truly incredible blend and I could not be happier."

—Jessica, Colorado

“Beginning to use Sun Potion, for me, was the beginning of truly connecting to myself and feeling alive. These plants have gradually yet potently awakened me to the highest version of my self, level of energy, and enjoyment. Incorporate them into your life and you will feel continually renewed.”

—Almila Kakinc, Writer at Thirlby, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Development at EWG

"I have been taking Sun Potion products for over a year now. These are potent herbs that have helps me combat adrenal fatigue, stress, and issues with immunity. I noticed a big difference in my health after using the Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Mucuna Pruriens, & Chlorella. I love these products and felt an immediate pull towards them the moment I saw them on the shelf. I do agree that it’s best to take a little bit of these herbs slowly and over a long period of time to feel its effects. Listen to your body, deeply and silently. These plants will speak to you and let you know which ones you need to take and how much you need. Ask questions and learn more about their properties. Their impact on my life has been tangible, positive and I am very grateful to have crossed paths with this conscious company in this lifetime."

—Alexa Gray, Photographer & Blogger, Super Food Super Life

"This is Julia from the water brewery. Just wanted to pass it on to the whole Sun Potion team to say thanks. Since my mom has started taking the Mucuna she hasn't experienced any tremors from the Parkinson's. It's really awesome and I'm really glad to have your product. So thank you all!"

—Julia, Los Angeles, CA

"Sun Potion is a company that I endorse wholeheartedly. More than just a catalyst for my training, their foods are empowering me to reverse the aging process, enjoy vibrant health, and are totally in alignment with my lifestyle, belief system, and embodiment. Thank you Sun Potion!”

—Mark Eisenhart, Athlete and Actor, Los Angeles, CA

"After more than 15 years working in the Natural Products Industry, I am excited to see companies with a renewed focus on truly holistic ingredients and philosophies as well as whole foods and high quality herbs. New companies and new products come and go all the time with nothing unique or of much value to offer the industry. However, Sun Potion Transformational Foods is taking a path less traveled by offering high quality unadulterated superfoods, mushrooms, algae's and herbs in powdered form. The purpose behind the creation of the Sun Potion brand clearly extends beyond that of profit and gain and, although we've only been working with Sun Potion for a short time, their enthusiasm and dedication to their products (as well as the positive responses we've received from our customers) has allowed us to expand the line and increase our orders rather quickly. We look forward to continued success with Sun Potion."

—Andrew Orvis, Rainbow Acres Natural Foods, Venice, CA

" A few seconds after the first time I tried Sun Potion’s Anandamide, I felt a tremendous surge of well-being, and I think it’s a wonderful product, When I recommend it to some friends, they too felt a strong positive connection with it."

–Sandra, Los Angeles, CA

"I have been taking Sun Potion for about a year now. The product has changed my life and has helped me to reconnect to my old self. Due to a back injury and chronic pain, I had been taking numerous pain pills a day; the side effects included heartburn, sleeplessness, and generally just being out of it. A friend suggested I try Sun Potion foods to help with the withdrawal effects of discontinuing the pain pills. I had tried to do this before and was unable to stop them. I took Ashitaba, Mucuna, Chlorella, Ashwagandha, and Green Adaptogen after speaking with a Sun Potion representative. I make a tea in the morning which has detoxed my system, and take the Mucuna before bed for a great night's sleep. the taste is fine, and when I need a "sweet" fix, a spoonful or two of Tocos is perfect (not to mention my low levels of vitamin D have increased since taking the Tocos). I have never written a testimonial before but after my experience with Sun Potion, I hope my words will offer encouragement to those who are in my previous situation. Sun Potion truly improved the quality of my life."

—Leighton, Bernardino, CA

"The Sun Potion foods have brought into my life a tremendous shift. Now, more than ever before, and growing more so every day, I am amazed at my connectedness to my physical body, my awareness of my being, and my mental clarity. I begin every morning with a mixed drink of Chlorella, He Shou Wu, Astragalus, Cordyceps, and often others. All day long, I eat spoonfuls of Tocos to quiet a grumbling stomach and appease my sweet tooth. Whenever I feel fatigue, or the beginning of the sniffles, I eat a spoonful of Ashwagandha and my wellness returns. Before I engage in any physical activity (i.e. a surf session or a run), a spoonful of Cordyceps oxygenates my blood and energizes my spirit. Most significantly in my life, I am now able to handle the many moments where I have tight shoulders, a wrinkled forehead, and more mental chatter than I care to deal with simply by eating a spoonful of Reishi. I can't imagine a life without my herbs.”

—Jonathan,  San Clemente, CA

"Sun Potion is so great! Much like exercise, massage, and sunshine, they are a gateway to improved health, overall increased energy, and improved well being. I always look forward to consuming them first thing in the morning and i enjoy finding new ways to add them to recipes throughout the day to up the feel-good vibes of a meal. These foods have helped me to decrease my coffee intake and feel more steady and calm in difficult times. Food is boring and not as good without Sun Potion.”

—Candice Davantzis, Yoga Teacher & Artist, Santa Barbara, CA

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