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A nourishing, grounding elixir to induce a moment of peace during your busy day. Ritual and Recipe by super woman @abrooklynbabe's Denise Nicole.

I feel most in alignment when I am able to rise slowly and work my way through my morning without haste. A slow stretch and deep breathing in bed, opening my curtains and allowing the sun to rest on my face through the window. 

I often light a candle and pick affirmations from my deck, pray, meditate and get mentally and emotionally grounded for the day. As a mother and caregiver I am strongest and most loving with others in my life when I am gentle and loving with myself first. 

I’m caring for myself deeply when I take the time to craft a healing elixir that nourishes me. I am grounded, energized and replenished as I sip my elixir slowly and mindfully. Yin Power is an herbal blend full of organic and wild harvested herbs that help bring me into balance and energetic alignment. My recipe for Feminine Power is warming, delicious and fortifying.

Feminine Power Nourishing Elixir


4 oz full fat coconut milk

5 oz hot water

1 tbsp. Yin Power

1 dropper Shatavari Transcendent Elixir

1 scoop collagen

½ tsp. vanilla extract

1 tsp. cinnamon



Add all ingredients to a blender — blend, pour and serve.