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Writing and the intuitive sense are intricately linked. Writing can be used to connect with our intuition. Writing requires observation, attention and listening, just as intuition does. 

When we write, we are channeling, we are exploring possibility. When we write, we create something that wasn’t there before.

Join us for this ongoing series of intuitive writing prompts with writer & poet Kate Belew.

Working with the phases of the moon can be a way to access our intuition and also our divine creativity. 

Much like the moon, we’re don’t stay static in our processes and body. We change, ebb and flow, like tides through the cycles of the month and the year. This is not something to fight against (though productivity myths may have taught us otherwise!). Working with the phases, we can live more embodied and cyclical lives. 

While there is much writing on the full moon being a good time for releasing, for shedding, for ritualizing, and there is a lot of writing on the new moon being a good time for setting intentions and planting seeds, ultimately, that is up to you. We are all different as are our creative processes. 

In my own work, I view the Full Moon as a celestial body that sheds light on what is dark. It teaches me about illumination, and shining brightly, taking up space. 

The New Moon reminds me that darkness is important too. It shows me that in the shadows, my eyes can adjust and thrive. When there’s no light in the sky except for the stars, I can turn inward. 

Try tracking your cycles for the next couple of months, and see what comes up with you at the new moon and the full moon. 

Pay special attention to your creativity. When do you feel energized by making? Is it linked to creativity and cycles? If you can, watch a full moon rise in the sky as a full moon ritual. A moonrise is one of the most magical experiences and can immediately instill a sense of inspiration. 

Below is a poetry prompt for writing with The Moon. 

These prompts are seven line prompts are meant to help hold your hand in creating a poem. Each line describes a different “move” in the poem that the writer can make. Some lines have sentences started for you. 

Title: The Moon, 

Line 1: “This phase of being ______”

Line 2: “The sky says, _________”

Line 3: In this line talk about cycles

Line 4:”Being, __________”

Line 5:”A lesson of celestial bodies _______”

Line 6: “Anything, _______”

Line 7: “A nighttime _________” 


A Sun Potion elixir to support your moonlit writing...

Creative Moon Potion


 1 tbsp. Anandamide

½ tsp. Pearl

2 droppers full Mucuna Pruriens Transcendent Elixir

1 cup hot/warm milk of choice (as a substitute, use a low & slow pre-brewed Chaga tea)



Find your favorite mug and add in adaptogens.

Heat milk over stovetop to simmer. Alternatively, heat water or try a mixture of the two.

Once simmering, turn off heat and pour into mug.

Whisk or stir until adaptogens are well mixed.

Top with any extra herbs on hand if desired, such as a sprinkle of Pearl, freshly ground cardamom, cinnamon, dried flower petals...

Sip, sit with the moon (in a safe space), write and flow.



Intuitive Writing Prompt #8: Writing With Plants