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This week we are so excited to be sharing our interview with Chelsea Clark, plant-based public health specialist, digital content creator and wellness writer, based in Los Angeles. Chelsea offers health + life tips through her blog and social media channels. Clark has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design, holds a Master of Public Health in nutrition, and is a Certified Communicator in Public Health through the National Public Health Information Coalition. Yes, she does it all! Read below for our full conversation!

How did you first get into the world of Blogging? What is your favorite medium to share with your community? 

I started blogging as a hobby in late 2013 and more seriously around 2015. I have a graphic design and advertising background and wanted to communicate about my journey with health and wellness in a fun and creative way!

My favorite medium is Pinterest. It’s great for my mental health. The algorithm shows me content I actually want to see, and it’s not as pretentious as other platforms. I love that I can be social without as much of the social and without any real restrictions.

Tell us about the day in the life of a plant-based public health specialist, where can we tune in to learn more? Also, any upcoming events (IRL or virtual)?

Every day looks different for me. Some days are focused on content creation; others focus on recipe development and food styling; others primarily consulting with brands and digital strategy. That’s what I love about being a creative entrepreneur in the wellness space. Each day is different, and I never get bored. I plan on taking most of the summer off to rest. Readers who want to stay informed of fall/winter events can subscribe to my email list at

What is your current morning routine like?

At the present moment, I don’t have much of a morning routine. As we reach the tail end (hopefully!) of a global pandemic, I’m still working on finding my new normal. Hence why I’m taking so much time off this year.

What is your go-to Spring-inspired meal to cook at home?

I tend to crave more raw, cooling foods in the spring and summer. Dairy-free pesto pasta using kelp noodles as the base is usually my go-to. 

What helps you to decompress during moments of stress?

High-intensity exercise helps boost my mood and shed negative emotions from the day. Jump roping, jogging, rebounding, sprinting all work wonders for my mental health and emotional stamina.

Do you have any favorite herbs and adaptogens?

This changes depending on the season, but I’m really into linden. It’s very refreshing and widely known for its sedative effects, which help me calm any anxiety I may experience throughout the day. It’s also great for colds. Linden tea is a must during allergy season!

A morning potion/drink that gets you through the day... 

I typically start my day with chlorophyll water and a squirt of lemon juice, followed by a hot caffeinated tea like yerba mate.

As we head into summer and want to keep our immunity strong, are there any go to ingredients you especially enjoy? Any foods should we incorporate for some extra protection? 

I consume elderberry syrup daily. It’s full of antioxidants and vitamins that can help keep the immune system strong. I love the taste, so it’s easy for me to remember to take it.

What has living in Los Angeles for the past year been like for you? Where did you grow up?

Living in Los Angeles for the past year has been very isolating as I have not spent consistent time with family and friends who live out of state. I’m grateful for the fantastic weather that has allowed me to stay active outdoors. I grew up in Maryland. However, I have not returned to my home state in several years. 

Where is one place you are looking forward to traveling to?

I’m looking forward to traveling to Hawaii!

We see that you love plants! Do you have a favorite plant or two? Any recommendations for new plant-enthusiasts looking to add some greenery into their homes? 

My favorite houseplants right now are my Rhapis palm, fiddle leaf fig, monstera, bird of paradise, and a money tree that I was recently gifted. I recommend that new plant enthusiasts incorporate easy-to-love plants that require low light and yield rapid growth. Lucky bamboo is always a great choice!

To keep up with Chelsea, subscribe to her blog and follow her on instagram @thatschelsea.