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Introducing our newest offering to the line of Sun Potion! Meet Agaricus Blazei. Learn all about our new addition below...

We are so excited to share our newest offering, Agaricus Blazei, coined the 'protective shield' mushroom for its nature to aid in supporting our bone health, blood sugar balance, longevity and vitality. 

Every time we begin to think about adding a new product offering (which is quite often), we connect with our trusted sources from around the world to make sure we find the best example available of these nourishing foods. 

Our Agaricus mushroom is cultivated organically in the United States under stringent growing and testing regulations in order to get the most potent, bio-available source! 

This protective mushroom contains many components to support our immunity and overall health, some of which include: 

  • Beta-Glucans, known to support the immune system.
  • Proteoglycans, a type of protein that is important for our immune function.
  • High in minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.

    How we have been incorporating Agaricus into our routine...

    Adapted from Sofiia Manousha's Chocolate Chaga Latte


    1 tsp. raw cocoa powder

    1 tsp. Agaricus Blazei

    240 ml (1 cup) oat milk

    1 tsp. He Shou Wu

    1 tsp. coconut oil

    1 pitted medjool date

    1 pinch Himalayan salt



    In a saucepan, heat the oat milk until it is simmering, pour the milk into your blender, add the cocoa powder, mushroom powder, coconut oil, medjool date, salt and mix for 50 seconds.

     Top with He Shou Wu and salt and blend again.

    Pour the elixir into your favorite cup and enjoy with a square of dark chocolate.