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This week we have a special summer solstice ritual from Be Here Farm + Nature, using their hydrating Summer Solstice Serum, Sun Potion Pearl and pink french clay.

In our family we honor the Summer Solstice all year round thanks to our Summer Solstice Serum, however, we always take extra time to honor the Earth and our own well being on seasonal holidays such as the Solstice. There is a special quality of energy present on this day, and tapping into it through a self-care ritual amplifies and focuses our attention onto the transformative powers available at this (and any) moment. Sunlight is the provider of all life, and so today we celebrate life with a homemade ritual that honors the Earth and yourself simultaneously. An additional bonus to the experience this year is that the mask in the photos is being applied to our dear mother Nancy.   

The mask is detoxifying, cleansing, nourishing, hydrating, exfoliating and chock full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other botanical compounds your face will cherish.  


For us the ritual usually begins by lighting an incense cone and offering gratitude.   

Dispense half to a full dropper of the Summer Solstice Serum onto your fingertips and perform a gentle self massage for 2-10 minutes. Using small, gentle, circular motions traverse the entire surface of your face and offer your attention and kindness to every nook and cranny.  The face is now ready to receive the mask.  

Ritual & Ingredients

Note: Below is ONE example of a ritual face mask you can make at home. In parentheses after each ingredient we list a variety of alternatives which could be used to add diversity to your self care routine or take advantage of ingredients you have on hand at the moment. Keep in mind that depending on the selection you make your mask will have different results. For example, Aloe is extremely hydrating while Apple Cider Vinegar is tonifying.  

Summer Solstice Serum Face Mask


Be Here’s Summer Solstice Serum (alt: Sun Potion Shea Butter or your favorite oil. Use more or less Serum depending on what wet ingredients you select below and what consistency you are drawn to)

Be Here’s Lavender + Rose Geranium Hydrating Essence (alt: Sun Potion’s Solar Rose Water or your favorite hydrosol)

Clay (of your choosing, current house favorite is French Pink Clay)

Sun Potion Pearl (alt: we have experimented with nearly every single product in Sun Potion’s collection.  Pearl is a favorite, but Moringa, Anandamide, Yin Power, Tocos and Chlorella are heavy in the rotation. They will of course inform the mask in different ways)

Aloe Vera Powder (alt: you may use gel instead of powder, however, you may want to reduce some of the wet ingredient or ingredients below)

Raw Honey (alt: the alternatives are almost endless...yogurt, milk, pasture raised eggs, apple cider vinegar, avocado, etc.)




In somewhat equal parts combine all of the ingredients in a small non-reactive bowl and use your fingertips or a small facial brush to paint a thin layer across your entire face (or body). The consistency you enjoy will require some experimentation.   

Allow the mask to set and dry (10-20 mins) before rinsing with warm water or a moistened towel.

If your skin feels dry at the end, we usually finish with an additional mist of Hydrating Essence as well as the Summer Solstice Serum. We often take this opportunity to enjoy a guided meditation or some sort of gentle movement (sometimes forgetting to wash it off for over an hour).


We hope you enjoy this family ritual even a fraction as much as we do. 

All our love,

Jared and Velisa Pickard

Be Here Farm + Nature