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Writing and the intuitive sense are intricately linked. Writing can be used to connect with our intuition. Writing requires observation, attention and listening, just as intuition does. 

When we write, we are channeling, we are exploring possibility. When we write, we create something that wasn’t there before.

Join us for this ongoing series of intuitive writing prompts with writer & poet Kate Belew.

June 21st was the Summer Solstice (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere like I do). 

Solstice translates to the Latin word of Solstitum which means “sun stands still.” During the Summer Solstice the sun is at its highest potential, and we can feel the light as it trails into what are now warm evenings lit up by stars. Even after the Summer Solstice, the days remain long and the sun rests high in the sky.

There are recorded Solar Festivals from ancient cultures and civilizations that celebrated the passing of time with bonfires, offerings to the gods and goddesses, flower crowns and rituals of summer. 

Stonehenge is a famous example of standing stones that scholars believe may have been built to watch the perfect Summer Solstice sunrise. Although, it’s a mystery, we can take note of the legends and lore of our ancestors, or the land on which we now live, and build rituals in honor of these traditions. 

Writing can be a perfect way to ritualize these moments.

~ Ways to Honor the Transition into Summer ~

  1. Try taking your notebook to watch the sun rise on the long days surrounding Summer Solstice.

  2. Connect with the energy of the sun. What does the symbol of the sun mean to you? What are you grateful for? Where are your own rays of light? Where are your shadows? 

  3. Oak Trees are a beautiful symbol of the Summer Solstice. Is there an Oak near you? Say hello! Trees, much like people enjoy being admired and spoken to. Try leaning up against its roots while writing in your journal and see what messages Oak may pass along. 

  4. Start a poem with the Latin translation of Solstice “sun stands still.” 

  5. Create a ritual fire or bonfire. Write intentions/things you’d like to release on small slips of paper and burn them. 

    Below is a poetry prompt for writing during the Summer Solstice week. 

    These prompts are seven line prompts meant to help hold your hand in creating a poem. Each line describes a different “move” in the poem that the writer can make. Some lines have sentences started for you. 

     Title: Summer Solstice 

    Line 1: “What turns______”

    Line 2: ”Everything changes _______”

    Line 3: In this line write about fire 

    Line 4: “A solstice means _______”

    Line 5: “This year ___________”

    Line 6: “Turning ____________”

    Line 7: “And here the sun_______”


    Here’s an example: 

    The Summer Solstice

    What turns must, a spiral of sorts

    everything changes, and I mean this

    as a sort of fire. Building a bonfire

    a solstice means standing still a moment.

    This year, I remember, I remember

    turning to look again at the blaze

    And here the sun rises. 

    A Sun Potion Elixir for a High Vibe Summer 


    The Phoenix Transcendent Elixir (1 dropperful)

    Seltzer Water 

    Orange slices 



    Pour seltzer/soda water into favorite glass with orange slices and 1-2 droppers full of The Phoenix Transcendent Elixir.


    The fiery powers of ginger and the sunny disposition of the sun make this the perfect elixir to sip over ice while watching the sun in the sky. 


    The Full Moon this month follows the light of the Summer Solstice on June 24th. Read a prompt for writing with the phases of the moon here.