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"My goal with MILA is to glorify nature when bringing her into our homes. Each stem that goes into an arrangement or bouquet is devotedly appreciated. Creating the floral pieces is a way for me to express myself and medicine for the spirit of those who receive it. The most important ingredient in my arrangements is love and passion." - Camilla Vergani

MILA Studio — Curious Floral Designs by Camilla Vergani

A word from Sun Potion Journal contributor Melissa Richards on her recent interview with creative Camilla Vergani of Mila Floral...
I sat down (virtually) to chat with my beautiful friend Camilla, fairy woman and founder of @mila.floral, to talk about following your heart, connecting to nature, and the importance of creative freedom. Camilla and I met four years ago at a small wellness store in Miami where we worked. I'll never forget her sweet nature and our shared love for all the things we admired in that little store that brought us into the paths where we are now. I hope this interview inspires you as much as it lit me up from the inside out.

MELISSA: For those who don't know you, can you describe what you do and who you are in 3 words?

CAMILLA: Yeah, um. Let's see—sensitive, earthly, fairy. 


Love that! You are a total fairy. Tell us more about @mila.floral. What inspired your love for flowers? Is there a special connection there?

There IS a special connection. As I go along, I'll have little glimpses of my childhood and remember going around making bouquets of wildflowers for my mom. I would walk with my dog and do that. I would also constantly pick up flowers from our local florist with my grandma in Italy, which always stuck with me. Those two are the most obvious memories of flowers. Putting them in a vase and foraging. Some of my favorite things came from foraging and stuff I found while walking. I love foraging because you can do it anywhere in the world. But yeah, I have always been connected to plants and places that have nature and studying it. Plants have always been super healing for me. Flowers are the ultimate expression of beauty in nature. When I was in Venice with Tristan, my boyfriend, we would go on walks and while he photographed, I would forage flowers, make bouquets and bring them home. Everyone loved them, and so did we. I didn't think about it until I came back to LA and started working for a florist that maybe I wanted to do something with flowers. I just picked up the knowledge and decided to go from there. I value my creative expression and I wanted to be more hands-on with my art and do my own thing, so I left that job, and like that @mila.floral was born. 

So would you say that you have a strong intuition? Do you make decisions based on that?

Yes. I try to, at least. I always try to decide with my "other brains," my chakras. Different situations require you to use different brains.


I totally feel you. I am a huge believer in following my gut. I make most of my decisions on feeling vs. logic. Sometimes I scare people with that but oh, well. Ha. Okay, I have to ask, do you have a favorite flower? What about a favorite herb or mushroom?

Oh my god. I love this question! Favorite flower, I depends on what is in season. I have a favorite every season. I love farmy kinds of wildflowers like pansies, cosmos, and poppies. It's constantly changing. I'll fall in love with a flower and then the next week I'll move on to a different flower and explore its fragrances, its leaves. Each flower is its unique expression, so it's hard to pick. It's also all about the mood and the feeling. For the mushroom, it's easier; my favorite is probably Chaga because it feels so rich, earthy and robust. I also love the way it makes me feel, like I can conquer anything. It's very grounding. It's the king healer. I've also been living off cacao!

I love how you described that. What inspired you to pursue a career in wellness/healthy living? Any role models?

It started when I went vegan. I got really into environmentalism and became obsessed with caring for the earth in any way I could. It put me on a path that turned into a domino effect. I worked at Dr. Smood in Miami, Moon Juice in LA, The Sacred Space Miami and learned a lot about the different tiers of this world. From clean eating to supplementation, I noticed a radical shift in my being and a deep reverence for nature within me. It feels so right for me to be in nature. It's my greatest teacher. I've also started and love drinking wild spring water from the actual spring.


That sounds amazing! How do you get the natural spring water delivered? Or do you get it yourself from a spring?

I get it from this company called Alive Waters in Oregon. We were on a road trip, and when we drove through every state, we would fill up our gallons with water from the earth. It sad that so many people are scared of it, that we feel more comfortable getting our water from plastic bottles than directly from the ground.

Wow, so true. What a beautiful thing to take a step back & explore. You've made me want to drink spring water now. In North Carolina, we are very close to nature; it's all around us. There are also so many mushrooms growing on the ground it's pretty cool! What does a morning look like at your house?

I am always kind of shifting. I don't have a set routine. Lately, I wake up and do warm water with lemon, honey, and cayenne. I've been trying a black seed oil for my stomach lining to smoothen the whole experience of taking food first thing in the AM. I like to fast a little bit in the mornings. I also have some farmer's market treats like a nice big bowl of local, seasonal fruits. Every day, some yoga & pranayama, meditation and then I'm good to go.


Being a fellow Miamian myself, I am curious to know how life in Los Angeles is different from living in Miami?

I feel like LA is a more natural feeling. Miami can tend to feel more manicured. The main difference is the access to organic food that isn't commercially grown. It is so local in LA. I didn't realize how much I valued that until I spent a few months in Miami. I also only source flowers from local growers, and I find it difficult to find that variety in Miami vs. LA. I think there's also a different vibration in Los Angeles. The overall resonance of the city meets me more than Miami.


What are your favorite places to visit in LA? 

I love the Santa Monica farmer's market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I like this new place called Melody Bar in Silver Lake, opened by this couple from NYC. They do popups every other week with different chefs. It is mind-blowing, and so is their wine selection. All-natural wines. They're so passionate, and their music is insanely good. They only serve wines, it's really interesting. Also, anything, anywhere in Topanga.


Those all sound like a dream. I can't wait for you to be my tour guide when I go visit! What is something you wish people knew about you?

Hmm..that's such a good question. I wish they knew how childish I really am on the inside. How activated my inner child is at all times. I always want to play.

I love that. I need more play in my life. Any books or movies that were pivotal for you?

The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins. It's an account of a bunch of scientific research that proves plants are sentient beings — that they have feelings. This just made so much sense. I don't feel as crazy for talking to my flowers and my plants, ha!


Adding to my reading list stat. Words to live by?

The answers you seek are always within you.


Favorite place on earth?

Mmmmm. The big misty, mossy forest.


Mine is Big Sur.

So powerful there; I love watching the waves crash.


Last but not least, leave us with a potion recipe...

Okay YES. So I love the Anandamide with rose water, honey, maca & sprouted almond milk. Recipe below!

Camilla's Heart Opening Morning Potion



1 tsp. Solar Rose Water

2 tbsp. Anandamide

1 tsp. Maca

1 tbsp. Bio-Active Honey

Almond milk & water to your liking



Blend together well.



Thank you, love! I love what you said and connect with it allI can't wait for everyone to read this & I can't wait to see you in person; it's been too long. 

Thank YOU. See you soon!