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A creative take on an iced favorite, using vibrant pink ice cubes made from beet root! Gabi Torres has created this divinely feminine pink and green Iced Matcha Latte that incorporates White Dragon Matcha, Di Tao Astragalus and Pine Pollen. We invite you to share this colorful matcha latte inspired by Gabi's intuitive call to connect to the feminine.
A cooling and colorful treat on a hot summer day. This Pink Iced Matcha Latte can brighten up my morning or afternoon any day. I’ve been so inspired lately with colors.... Ever since I moved into my new sacred space, I have been allowing my feminine energy to flow and create. I have been inspired with pastels…pinks, baby yellows, green, and if my space is vibrant in this way, why not my food and what I am putting into my body?! {Well…especially my food and what I am putting into my body!}

There is something magickal about eating and drinking colorful food. It feels healthy, it feels right and it feels fun. This little summer potion is an easy way to add a splash of colorful magick to an everyday favorite drink.

I rarely drink coffee, I am very intuitive when it comes to what I drink or eat and my body typically really only asks for coffee when I am on my moon cycle. Coffee is very powerful. It can bring you too high up which is why I typically gravitate to Matcha on a more regular basis. Matcha has a more smooth and steady way that it enters our system and effects the energy levels. The added plus that it is packed with antioxidants is not bad at all!

This Magick Matcha with pink ice cubes is a total connection to the feminine. Adding a dash of Pine Pollen into the mix gives it this aphrodisiac quality, and do be mindful…that Pine Pollen is powerful! Just add a tad of it to feel feminine, sensual and magickal!

Pink Beet Ice Cubes


Ice Cube Tray

Beet Root Powder



Put a pinch of beet root powder in each square of your ice cube tray.

Pour in water & let freeze!

Magick Matcha


Oat mylk

1 tbsp. White Dragon Matcha

14 tsp. Pine Pollen

12 tsp. Astralagus

Splash of Turmeric



Mix with portable frother and top with beet ice cubes!


Photos: Gabi Torres

Gabi Torres

Gabi is a creative spiritual entrepreneur currently practicing in the sunny jungle of Miami Beach, FL where she was born and raised. Prior to this she lived in the west side of LA while undergoing her masters in Art Therapy at LMU. Her work is inspired by a connection: spirit to earth through her inner wisdom married with the sacred arts of yoga, herbalism, ritual, and practical magick. She often works with the elements of nature to heal, call upon manifestations or plant seeds for the future. She is in the midst of opening up her own studio called Earth to Yoga where one will be able to experience all of this.


Photo: @annush