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We are obsessing over these Beauty Snacks made by chef and athlete Lisa Müller! With Pearl for inner and outer radiance and White Dragon Matcha, combined with refreshing mint, these are the perfect treat to enjoy throughout a warm summer day to keep your energy levels sustained and focus sharp!

I am a big lover of cold / frozen snacks that are packed with nutrients and fill me up quickly - without being heavy on my digestion. It’s summer here in the South West of France and I just can't be bothered baking granola bars. But I still find myself in the need of something quick, delicious and nourishing between a surf session and dinner. So when I have a morning off, I like to prepare a big tray (or ice cube silicone molds work perfectly for this recipe, too) with simple ingredients that can be either combined by hand in a big bowl or in a food processor.

I always try to make sure there is enough fat in my snack recipes that gives me long lasting fuel but as little sugar and sweetener as possible. I included some options that you can use based on your personal preferences but I noticed that after a few weeks of going sugar / fruit free - even almonds start to taste sweet! Therefore, I like to use ingredients that already have a natural sweetness.

Matcha is a wonderful addition for a little energy boost and mental focus without the rapid drop afterwards that you might experience with coffee. The mint flavor was actually a little “accident” as i originally wanted to add vanilla extract but grabbed the wrong bottle and then had a moment … so I went for it. And it actually gives these bars the perfect  “freshness” alongside the lime. I also received some delicious raw macadamia nuts from a friend which i wanted to utilize in a recipe but you can obviously swap for any other (light!) nut butter like cashew, white almond butter or even tahini would work. The Pearl powder gives this whole recipe it’s “radiant” quality and it becomes a beauty snack on so many levels - your skin and nails will thank you.

White Dragon Matcha + Pearl Mint Cubes


½ cup cacao butter (melted)

½ cup macadamia nut butter (or any other light nut butter, store-bought or homemade)

½ cup plant milk (I used soy milk but any nut milk would work too)

1 tsp. White Dragon Matcha

1-2 tbsp. sweetener (optional, I used Monkfruit Sweetener but maple syrup or honey would be delicious too)

Juice of ½ lime 

1 tsp. Pearl powder

½ tsp. peppermint extract or oil (and / or some fresh mint leaves if you have)



Start by blending the macadamia nut butter with the cacao butter until emulsified and gradually add the soy milk to achieve a thick but creamy consistency.

Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.

Pour the batter in a tray lined with parchment paper or fill it in the silicone molds.

Top with crushed macadamia nuts and freeze for around one hour.

You can either keep it in the freezer for around 3 months or you place some of them in the fridge for a softer consistency (I personally prefer the iced version).

I like to eat them straight up like this (they are perfect to transport in a Hydro Flask or any other thermo container when you go for a hike or day on the beach).

You can also make popsicles out of it and use a wooden stick to hold!

Swap the matcha for some wheatgrass powder to make them kid-friendly!


Photos: Lisa Müller

Lisa Müller

As a dancer, yogi, athlete and chef, Lisa Müller has been traveling the world in order to study various cultures, movement styles, cuisines and healing techniques for over 15 years. Her passion was leading her to Berlin, Germany where she was working as a chef, recipe developer and nutrition coach for various sports & health brands. She is the founder and previous owner of the Lab Kitchen - in collaboration with the Adidas Runbase a restaurant that is dedicated to a holistic approach of an active body & mind. Her desire is to create food, elixirs and healthy desserts and snacks for active people, athletes and anyone who is interested in experiencing the power of vibrant food and healing plants. Her true love goes out to all the female athletes and women who are questioning social beauty and “health" standards and want to dive deeper into their own truth and power. She is currently leading her “Female Balance” & “Active Food” workshops all over Europe and sharing her "Matcha Ceremony Ritual - a concept that helps create a stable morning routine with a ceremonial grade matcha, a simple meditation technique and movement practice - around the globe to raise awareness for the importance of a mindful start into the day.