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The perfect summer recipe, Sangria is a great way to bring your favorite flavors of the season into the mix. Just slice your fruits and throw them into a vessel with your favorite wine and adaptogens, and you have a special treat that we think goes best when shared with others (while socially distancing) on a sunny afternoon. Grab your favorite farmers market fruits or ones straight from the garden (or ask your friends to bring over their favorites) and mix them together for a rewarding and potent alchemical treat!
~ Read on to get the recipe for our favorite Sun Potion Sangria ~

Sangria is a wonderful drink to enjoy during the hot summer days, where you can incorporate your favorite fruits, herbs and spices straight from your garden. Though this summer has been different from others in the past, you can still make this drink at home and save the rest in your refrigerator to enjoy the next day or throughout the weekend. We like to enjoy this on a warm afternoon, imagining we are on our favorite beach with friends and family. If you can get outside for a quick bit of sun while enjoying it on some ice, even better.

A very brief history on Sangria, it is an ancient drink, variations of which may have begun in the middle ages as a sort of mulled wine called hippocras. Because water at the time was filled with bacteria and unsafe to drink on its own, forms of alcohol such as wine were an obviously popular drink. Fruits, spices and herbs were often mixed in to give the drink a more complex flavor. Sangria has gained its reputation from wine originating in Spain. Grapes planted by the Romans on the Iberian Peninsula around 200 BC have been a source of red wine from Spain through present day. Sangria has been a popular wine punch, enjoyed throughout Europe for hundreds of years. There are so many variations to sangria that you can't really go wrong. 

This variation of the fruited wine we created is a Sangria Blanco, made with white wine and rosé; blending the two is very untraditional, but then again so is adding adaptogens! We chose to add in Pine Pollen for its numerous supportive benefits and adaptogenic qualities. Bio-Active Honey is our sweetener of choice. More on these two below!

Pine Pollen

Our Mason Pine Pollen is a wonderful adaptogenic tonic that may support immune health, focus and energy, as well as providing antioxidants and boosting endocrine and immune functions. Pine Pollen is collected within the pollen-saturated cones, tiny grains on male cones that collect within the cone for harvesting. Pine Pollen, also known as Pinus massoniana pine tree species are native to Asian countries and also western Europe but can be collected from several areas, including the United States. Pine Pollen is not only helpful for humans but also feeds the soil, plants and animals who eat pollen dusted foods. Pine Pollen also contains testosterone and may help balance the ratio of sex hormones, androgen and estrogen, making it a bio-available and dual-directional hormone support tonic. Pine Pollen has shown to help hormonal fluctuations that happen with age, since as we get older we produce significantly less testosterone. Pine Pollen works to help balance higher amounts of xenoestrogens, and is considered an androgenic food.

Pine Pollen is reputed to support hormonal balance in men and women, enhance metabolism, increase libido, support and detoxify the liver and may improve endurance. 

Regular consumption may support healthy metabolism, immune response, circulation and enhance whole-body function. 

Bio-Active Honey

Our Bio-Active Marri Honey is a potent and rare raw honey that is wildcrafted in the Marri forests in Australia. Twice the potency of manuka, this powerful and rare honey contains 40% by weight Active Oxygen and is a powerful anti-microbial, oxygen and mineral-rich, prebiotic healing food, making it a restorative tonic and liquid gold. 40% Active Oxygen gives this honey an Active Honey Factor (AHF) of 40+, which is exceptionally high for active honey. Active Honey has been used as a traditional natural healing remedy since ancient times. You can consume daily to help sore throats, fight off bugs and power up your immune system. Mix with lemon, ginger and warm water for a soothing immunity tonic. You can enjoy by the spoonful, add to smoothies, tea, matcha, breakfast and raw treats. Eating raw Bio-Active Honey just before going to sleep may promote the release of melatonin in your brain by creating a small spike insulin levels. That spike stimulates the release of tryptophan in the brain, leading to restorative sleep. Active Honey is skin food for the face and body! You can apply topically to the skin to treat insect bites, dryness, irritation or wounds. Smooth onto the face of mix with your favorite dry/wet face mask. Apply to blemishes for healing.  

Biodynamic + Adaptogenic Sangria

Makes 8 servings


2 bottles wine of choice (we blended Cooper Mountain Pinot Noir Rose and Cooper Mountain Tocai Friulano

4 tbsp. Pine Pollen

1 handful of strawberries (5-8), sliced

1 lemon

10 cherries, pitted

1 apple (we used organic fuji)

4 tbsp. Bio-Active Honey or honey of choice

handful basil leaves

handful mint leaves

*we recommend using organic or home-grown produce, sourced as locally as possible.

**For a more traditional Sangria, you can substitute an orange to replace the lemon, add in 3/4 cup orange juice, 1/3 cup brandy or rum, and 3-4 tbsp. organic brown sugar or other sweetener of choice. Choose a red wine such as a Tempranillo or other dry Spanish red wine.



Core and slice your apple, slice strawberries and half your lemon (save the other half for juicing).

Pit your cherries and remove stems.

Grab a large pitcher or other vessel to mix the sangria in and add wine.

Add your Pine Pollen and stir mixture until well blended.

Add your sliced fruits and stir.

Add honey to taste (we used ~4 tablespoons Bio-Active Marri Honey).

Squeeze half of lemon into sangria mixture.

Open basil and mint by clapping between palms, throw leaves in and mix.

Let sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour before serving (can let it sit longer for more fruit forward sangria).

Store in your refrigerator for up to 3 days (fruit may spoil if kept too long).

Serve with your favorite summer dishes and enjoy!

*Please remember to drink responsibly, and to never drive while intoxicated


 Photos: Nikki Haun