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Contributor: Cathryn Fowler

"If you enjoy foods that nourish your gut, hormones, and brain, you’ll be more likely to feel good. And from that place of feeling good, be able to work on changing your perception, what you’ve been conditioned to see."

Cathryn Fowler  has created an adaptogenic take on Avocado Toast -  upgraded with our chlorella and a medicinal mushroom nut butter - to make you feel amazing.  Watch her recipe and read more on her food philosophy below...



Upgraded Avocado Toast Recipe



This is my personal paleo twist on the classic avocado toast. I intentionally chose these ingredients because they are yummy first of all, and they nourish the brain, hormones, and gut. They make me feel good from the inside out. And that’s a huge part of feeling rare and radiant.

  • Sun Potion Chlorella - A great detoxifier to help bind and eliminate toxins that accumulate in your digestive tract. So think happy gut here! Also a great source of essential nutrients.
  • LakaLiving Super Shroom Drip - A combination of macadamia nuts and adaptogens to help deliver oxygen to the your body and brain. So think happy brain here with more energy and better cognition.
  • Avocado - Think healthy fats here which equal happy hormones! They’re full of fiber, omega 3s, and nutrients.


lemon zest/squeeze fresh lemon

pinch salt

pinch pepper

1/2 tsp. black sesame seeds

1-2 tsp. Sun Potion Chlorella

1/2 avocado

2 slices paleo bread

1 TB LakaLiving Super Shroom Drip (or your favorite nut butter)



Toast your two pieces of bread

Slice your half an avocado and layer it on the toast

Zest some lemon on top or squeeze some juice if you want to

Sprinkle pinch of salt, pepper, and sesame seeds on top

Sprinkle the Chlorella on top

Drizzle the TB Super Shroom Drip (or favorite nut butter)


*Alternatively, you can mush everything together in a bowl and spread on your toast like a spread. In Joy!




When it comes to beauty, how do you define it? When it comes to your own beauty, this question becomes even trickier.

The better question is how do you perceive your beauty?  When you look in the mirror or see yourself in photos, what thoughts automatically pop in? Or rather, what thoughts have been conditioned to pop in?

The truth is that your perception is your reality. And you can change that reality by changing your perception.

When you look at yourself, you are seeing your body the way you have been conditioned to. This can be a tough pill to swallow, especially in today’s diet-driven, body-image obsessed society that promotes a one size fits all idea (including all of the social marketing that tells you you’re not good enough as is).
So when it comes to the beauty realm, I like to go straight for the mind first. And “food as medicine” can be a helpful tool along the journey.

If you enjoy foods that nourish your gut, hormones, and brain, you’ll be more likely to feel good. And from that place of feeling good, be able to work on changing your perception, what you’ve been conditioned to see.

Happy gut, happy hormones, and happy brain go a long way in allowing you to tap into mind work, where the real magic is. Because nobody’s up for changing perceptions or working on the mind when you’re bloated, brain foggy, or on the blood-sugar roller coaster. At least not me!  

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  • Sun Potion on

    Hi Lynne, the LAKA Living butter can be found here:
    The paleo bread is an adapted recipe from

  • Lynne Latham on

    Well, I guess I left the last post too soon because I also cannot find LA KA nut butter??? I made your recipe with what I had on hand and it was delicious, I would love to do your version.

  • Lynne Latham on

    What and where do I find Paleo bread?

Cathryn Fowler

Cathryn Fowler is an animation artist and filmmaker specializing in food as medicine and natural beauty. When your love language is gift-giving, you find ways to make your day-day life revolve around sharing. And for me, that’s sharing nutrition/mindset education, encouragement, and a healing community via my 1:1 consultations and video work. Everyone deserves to live in their fullest, joyful potential. And I just like to creatively share ideas of ways to get there.

...Also, eats chocolate for breakfast everyday. Pretty sure that’s why I’m 
so happy all the time.


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