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Journal — paleo

Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.


Today we are taking a moment to do something loving for ourselves. Whether by enjoying a simple meditation, having a cup of your favorite tea or just sleeping in (as long as you can)... we invite you to participate in a practice of self love. Today, we are making Cathryn Fowler's Anandamide Bliss Bread, made with beet juice, vanilla, coconut milk, He Shou Wu and of course, our Bliss Alchemy blend - Anandamide! This nourishing blend of tonic herbs, adaptogens and simply, the joy of creating is our practice of self-love today and we invite you to make time for yours.

ON THE ULTIMATE IMMERSION EXPERIENCE | A Conversation With Scott Linde and Joe DiStefano of RUNGA

"Borrowing from Aristotle, we have always been fascinated by the idea of the human as a plant. Just like a plant requires fertile soil to grow and complete it's nature, there are conditions that can help humans connect with their purpose and fulfill their potential." -  Joe DiSefano, founder of RUNGA  Join us on this wellness immersion in 70 acres of forest in Napa Valley, where our founder Scott Linde had the chance to see (and feel!) what Runga is all about...


"Think of these chia pudding chocolate muffin cups as a representation of transforming your stress bucket into a nourishment bucket." - Cathryn Fowler Muffins with the magic power of transcending stress and turning it into something creative and delicious. Thank you, Cathryn - making these immediately!


On a quest for the authentic Turkish Delights, Sheridan became determined to remake this treat from home but needed a source of inspiration... her mission was restored with a spritz of Solar Rose Water.  With an adaptogenic twist on these beloved treats, Sheridan transforms the recipe into her own with the upgrades of ghee, raw cacao and sweet vanilla. Read  and learn to make these for yourself...


This week we are celebrating recipes that inspire us to love more and create time to nourish our minds, hearts and bodies. In honor of this, we are delighted to share this sweet “love inspired” recipe from Cathryn Fowler - a dessert filled with superfoods - cacao, veggies, good fats and adaptogens like Pine Pollen (which works to promote healthy libido and hormonal support)... We are all about raising the heart-based frequency - and this video is such a yummy way to begin!


"If you enjoy foods that nourish your gut, hormones, and brain, you’ll be more likely to feel good. And from that place of feeling good, be able to work on changing your perception, what you’ve been conditioned to see." Cathryn Fowler  has created an adaptogenic take on Avocado Toast -  upgraded with our chlorella and a medicinal mushroom nut butter - to make you feel amazing.  Watch her recipe and read more on her food philosophy below...