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Today we are taking a moment to do something loving for ourselves.
Whether by enjoying a simple meditation, having a cup of your favorite tea or just sleeping in (as long as you can)... we invite you to participate in a practice of self love. Today, we are making Cathryn Fowler's Anandamide Bliss Bread, made with beet juice, vanilla, coconut milk, He Shou Wu and of course, our Bliss Alchemy blend - Anandamide! This nourishing blend of tonic herbs, adaptogens and simply, the joy of creating is our practice of self-love today and we invite you to make time for yours.


There are many beautiful reasons to fall in love. And there are many magical moments to fall in love with. We just have to be present to see and appreciate them. 

A genuine smile from a stranger.

Stumbling across something that makes you laugh…really laugh. 

A shared conversation of true connection. 

A random act of kindness. 

A comforting cup of warm tea on a cold day. 

Hearing your favorite song. 

Dipping your cold toes in a warm epsom salt bath. 

Lately I’ve been working on falling in love with the moment at hand. Without wishing it were something else. Without imposing my own judgements. Without criticism.

Accepting it for what it is. Just as I am learning to accept myself for who I am. 

Imagine if we all showed up this way. Unbiased. Not so hyper focused on our own troubles. Willing to listen to others. Willing to accept others as they are without trying to impose our beliefs on them. What would the world look like?

What prevents us from doing that? 

What helps us do that?

One of the biggest therapies that helps me is focusing on other people. This may sound like it goes against the grain of self-care and self-love. But, it’s precisely the contrary. When I step outside of my own cycle of problems and thoughts circling chaotically in my mind, I’m able to gain fresh perspective, to gain restorative peace. 

I’m able to listen. To share. To connect. And that, to me, is the ultimate form of self-care. 

To help nurture those feelings of bliss and peace, to allow myself to be more present in the moment, I love He Shou Wu and Anandamide


1 cup beet juice

½ cup coconut milk

2 tsp. ACV

1 tsp. vanilla 

1 cup tigernut flour 

½ cup cassava (could use all tigernut or use pea protein) 

⅔ cup Sun Potion Anandamide (could do half Anandamide and half cacao or all cacao) 

1 tsp. baking powder

½ tsp. baking soda

½ tsp. sea salt

1 tsp. Sun Potion He Shou Wu

Sweetener: I personally think the beet juice and tigernut flour is enough sweetness, but if you like treats on the sweeter side, try 2-3 tbsp. of your favorite sweetener (we like honey or agave for this one)



Preheat the oven to 350° F

In a bowl, add the beet juice, coconut milk, apple cider vinegar, and vanilla>> Mix

To the same bowl, add the tigernut flour, cassava, Anandamide, baking powder, baking soda, sea salt, sweetener (if using), and He Shou Wu>> Mix

Bake for 50 minutes

Allow to cool completely before slicing (Even better if you refrigerate it before slicing)

I like it served with coconut yogurt and some granola! 


Photos and video by Cathryn Fowler

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    Cathryn Fowler

    Cathryn Fowler is an animation artist and filmmaker specializing in food as medicine and natural beauty. When your love language is gift-giving, you find ways to make your day-day life revolve around sharing. And for me, that’s sharing nutrition/mindset education, encouragement, and a healing community via my 1:1 consultations and video work. Everyone deserves to live in their fullest, joyful potential. And I just like to creatively share ideas of ways to get there.

    ...Also, eats chocolate for breakfast everyday. Pretty sure that’s why I’m 
    so happy all the time.