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Vegan, refined-sugar-free marshmallows!
Amrit has re-imagined a classic childhood favorite - the marshmallow, this time with Rose Water, aquafaba and vanilla. This healthier version of one of our favorite treats is the perfect topping for Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate or for roasting under a fire. We invite you to make these and enjoy over a relaxing weekend...

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean marshmallow season has to be. Especially when this marshmallows are sugar free and vegan. 

It’s not commonly known that marshmallows are not vegan and when I went to search for vegan options at the grocery store I was disappointed in the ingredients. So I went on an adventure to try and create a vegan version that isn't filled with corn syrup and; well, magic happened. 

Roses are known to have the highest vibrational energy of anything else on earth. It’s properties are to uplift your mood and alleviate depression, they are anti-inflammatory and an aphrodisiac (HELLO!). They also have a really lovely taste. Rose is traditionally used in middle eastern and Indian desserts. 

The base of this recipe is aquafaba. If you’re unfamiliar, aquafaba is the water from a can of chickpeas. I recommend finding one that is unsalted. It whips up just like egg whites and create that famous marshmallow fluffiness. 

Rose Marshmallows


½ cup aquafaba

⅔ cup filtered water

3 tbsp. agar agar flakes

¼ tsp. cream of tartar

1 cup Lakanto sweetner (blended into a powder)

1 tsp. vanilla

½ tsp. Sun Potion Solar Rose Water*

⅛ tsp. ground cardamom*

2 tbsp. arrowroot powder



*If you want a plain marshmallow, omit the rose and cardamom



Prepare a 8 by 10 cookie sheet or pyrex with parchment paper and sprinkle with arrowroot powder 

In a stand mixer, blend the aquafaba and cream of tartar on high for 6 minutes

Add vanilla, cardamom and Solar Rose Water and blend for another 3 minutes

While blending, bring the water and agar agar to a boil

Boil, whisking occasionally, for 3 minutes and remove from heat

Add the monkfruit sweetener and boil another 3 minutes, then remove from heat

Turn the mixer down to medium and slowly drizzle in the liquid

Working quickly, pour the marshmallow fluff into the pan and spread with a spatula

You can top with dried rose petals, ground cardamom or leave as is

Let sit at room temperature for 2 hours or overnight

Cut the marshmallows into squares and place on a cooling rack for 2 additional hours

    These marshmallows will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or in the freezer for several months. They are a delicious addition to any hot beverage or dessert. 

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    Amrit-Sadhana Boyd

    Amrit-Sadhana Boyd grew up in a holistic and yogic home. Wellness and finding happiness in her mind, body and spirit was instilled in her from a young age. This passion led her to become a holistic health and anxiety coach and to help people see that they have all they need inside of themselves to heal and live their most joyful and healthy lives. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon and sees clients all over the US remotely. She is passionate about the power of herbs and adaptogens and travels around the country teaching workshops.