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Slow food Chef + Photographer Rocio Graves shares one of her favorite ways to use Chlorella, Ashitaba and Moringa in this Green Superfood Vinaigrette Dressing recipe... this is the perfect addition to roasted vegetables, drizzled over seasonal fruits or as a simple salad dressing. We can't wait to whip up this antioxidant, mineral-rich vinaigrette.

What inspired Rocío to create this recipe....

Eating lots of greens is one of my favorite ways to nourish my body, whether in the form of fresh leafy greens (spinach, kale, dandelion, nettles, etc), in the form of fresh culinary/medicinal herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley, dill…) or superfood greens such as ashitaba, moringa or of algae origin such as chlorella, spirulina… 

Greens can be deeply healing, they deeply mineralize the body and are very alkaline, provided we are able to digest them effectively. I especially love to add greens of all varieties into my diet by using them in dressings and sauces, as well as in soups, smoothies and herbal infusions. 

My current obsession and kitchen staple is this beautiful green superfood vinaigrette. So good drizzled over steamed sweet potato or kabocha squash, in vibrant salads… it’s prepared in a matter of minutes and it is absolutely delicious. 

I love to use ashitaba, moringa and chlorella in this dressing as they are such powerhouse herbs with pretty magical health benefits:

Ashitaba is known for it being a rich source of vitamin B12, a skin and digestive tonic and for its supposed support of healthy cell regeneration. 

Moringa is known for containing a wide range of bio-available minerals and high levels of vitamins B, C, D and E. It also can help strengthen digestion and support weight balance!

Chlorella is not only a beautiful source of bioavailable protein and essential fatty acids, but also may support the body in the cleansing of heavy metals! 

So you can see how adding these powerful herbs to a dressing can be such a beautiful way to support our bodies. 




(makes a small jar / 2-3 servings) 

1tsp. Chlorella

1tsp. Moringa

1tsp. Ashitaba

2 small cloves garlic peeled and pressed

1/2 tsp. pink or celtic salt

5 tbsp. cold pressed olive oil

2 tsp. coconut nectar / maple syrup

1+1/2 tbsp. lemon juice



 In a small mixing bowl start by adding the three herbs, salt, pressed garlic lemon juice and coconut nectar

With a wooden spoon mix all ingredients until a thick paste is achieved

Now slowly stir in the olive oil (preferably with a small hand whisk) until fully incorporated

*Use immediately or store in a mason jar in the fridge for up to 3 days. 


This dressing is absolutely beautiful mixed into a bed of greens with fresh seasonal fruit of your choice (my favorites at the moment are fuyu persimmon or red pear). For this salad I used romaine lettuce, sliced red pear and blood oranges, watermelon radish and hemp seeds. It’s a good idea to massage half the vinaigrette into the lettuce with your hands, then add remaining ingredients and drizzle what’s left of the vinaigrette on top. 



Rocio Graves

Rocio Graves is a creator of beauty, a private chef, recipe creator, food photographer and stylist. Currently travelling the world, she is original of Mallorca with British roots, born in the 80’s into a small community of artists. She is a voice for sustainable-conscious living with a passion for self-healing through food, nature and spirituality.
She shares her ongoing journey of self-healing and musings of her personal transformation through her awakening experience of divorce. With the intention of inspiring and uplifting those on the path of coming back home to themselves reminding them (and myself) how powerful we truly are.