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SCOTT LINDE || Reflecting on 8 years with Sun Potion

Contributor: Nitsa Citrine

"If I could change one thing about the world it would be to have more people having these herbs on a daily basis so that they might express more of their inherent latent potentials, creativity, what their purpose is for being here on the planet...”  


This week, we celebrate the birthday of Sun Potion as it completes its eighth cycle around the sun! In honor of our anniversary, we are sharing our interview with Sun Potion owner and founder, Scott Linde. Our Creative Director Nitsa Citrine sat down with him recently to reflect on the past eight years of his journey with Sun Potion....

Nitsa Citrine: Hello! I am sitting here in front of the beautiful Pacific Ocean with Scott Linde, owner and founder of Sun Potion. Scott, we are about to celebrate Sun Potion’s eighth cycle around the sun!

Scott Linde: Woohoo

Nitsa: How does that feel? 
Scott: It’s really exciting to see how the project of Sun Potion has evolved over some time and from the initial ideas or goals of what was being done eight years ago and how some of those principles and values have been able to be preserved and are functioning today. So personally I am really excited and I'm looking forward to eight more!

N: If we could just rewind a little bit, how did Sun Potion begin? What were you doing, where were you, what was your inspiration, incentive?
S: Well the incentive really was to be useful. I was hoping to have a service-oriented project for my life to have some service-based meaning to how I was spending my time and placing my intention and my life force. So 8 years ago (to date) I moved from Ojai to Santa Barbara and very shortly thereafter was able to find a commissary kitchen, had documents registered on the 10th of February which was my thirtieth birthday. Though Sun Potion was at least a good five years in the making leading up to that... I had been living in Ojai and doing various forms of self-inquiry, a little bit more alternative approach to life… living outside and spending a lot of time in nature.  All of this informed my creation of Sun Potion.


N: What has been a challenging or like a growth moment for you over the past eight years?
S: Oh my there are so many. It's a constant state of growth in the sense that the things and tools and systems and parts of the business that work at a certain level or a certain day can’t and won’t, it eventually will become sort of obsolete. So learning that early there’s been many many times of having to outgrow the old systems - either call it stress or pain or discomfort of having to learn how to implement new more adept systems-  so that the whole organism can keep functioning well. Things like waking up at five in the morning with a stomach ache with my mind grinding on how to solve a problem with labels, that was for real happening for weeks at a time until the label solution occurred and then you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore. Fortunately there’s a whole list of other problems to consider and address and participate with as they evolve later in the business. So the real thrill and exercise of being in business for me has been a long term adventure of constant change, adaptation, reimagining, and I guess the bottom line you could say hard work.

N: If you could go back to yourself eight years ago and give yourself any piece of advice what would it be?
S: In the beginning I often would try to do things myself or- in fact - did pretty much everything of building the business -myself. And the business really was allowed to grow as I filled people into roles that were able to take some of the work off of my own personal plate but it took time to figure out how to do that and I'm still not perfect at it but I'm I've become much better at surrounding myself with adept, skillful staff and people that can help with the functioning of the business. So my advice to myself included getting the best people for the roles as possible as soon as possible or as soon as I could afford them!

N: So, you've curated this amazing, powerful line of adaptogenic herbs and plants. There's a lot we could dive into, to start - I would love to hear what your relationship to these plants is like? How did you discover them and how have they benefited you?
S: Well this is an evolving topic as well. I personally was initially sparked into excitement about what I later learned were called tonic herbs, what I later learned were called adaptogens, and by this idea of having plants that a person ingests or takes every day that really are similar to amorphous in their effect or support of the body in the sense that they're not necessarily for one specific thing but they are information that the body can then take and get support and help with the areas that it needs support and help. So in the case of adaptogens and tonic herbs, the basic thing is that they feel really good when you take them every day so I was turned on by the like, oh I like to feel good, I want to have these herbs every day that help me feel really good, and eventually that was what spurred the idea to do the company of like oh I really like these things wouldn’t it be nice to share them with other people in the form that I have specifically enjoy having myself and just make it available to the market. So that's what happened, and that's kind of been the evolution of some of the ideas of tonic herbs and adaptogens in people’s lives. I'm really happy to be a part of it. My relationship with the plants more energetically or esoterically I feel that I actually kind of work for these beings that are elemental, supportive multi-dimensional friendly benevolent helpful plant-beings and they want to work with people. And whether the people really know or understand the details doesn’t necessarily matter because they’ll be supported and helped if they give it a chance and give it a try. So yea, easy way to feel good. Make it available. Have some fun along the way.  I love plants. I am so grateful I get to work with plants that I love.
N: What has been one memory that you cherish through the growth of Sun Potion?
S: I used to pack everything by hand in our commercial kitchen and listen to music - jamming out thinking to myself about the future of the herbs, sun potion dreams….. I feel like in the course of the last eight years that there’s been an unfolding and ever growing sort of presence of the realization of these original dreams, and I am extremely grateful. I feel touched by the idea that more people have these herbs and teas as a part of their daily life than perhaps if Sun Potion had not come into being. It's a nice thing. I feel very grateful.
N: If you could bring just one herb on a desert island what would you bring?
S: He Shou Wu

N: Ok. Night or day?
S: Day. Transitional moments between both.
N: Blue or gold?
S: Gold. and Indigo.
N: If you could teleport yourself to anywhere in the entire world right now where would it be? Where would you go?
S: At this very moment I'm very happy to be right where I'm at.
N: So you wouldn’t go anywhere? Even if you had an all-inclusive teleportation pass?
S: Oh I want to go and experience Morocco! I want to drink Turkish coffee and teas and sit on a big pillow, eat Moroccan cashews....
N: Cool. What are you nerding out over right now?
S: What I'm currently nerding out on is I am designing and evolving an at home research and development laboratory and I am totally thrilled to have a stock of beakers and stir-rods and measuring things and heat plates that have magnetic spinning discs so you can heat and spin material in a vessel at the same time. Homogenizers.I might even get myself a little photo spectrometer...
N: What's a photo spectrometer?
S: You put material into it and it gives you like a band of lines in a pattern and every material has a different set of bands so you can identify the sameness of materials over time by testing them and comparing the test results.
N: Last meal on earth?
S: Korean Temple food
N: If you could do one thing to change the world, what would you do?
S: I would have everybody taking tonic herbs and adaptogens from Sun Potion every day. It has been my personal experience that through having these kinds of plants in my life has brought in a different level of clarity and assurance and presence in my body, in my being, in my role here on the planet, in my interest in being of service for others,  and I've found enormous support through having these plants on a daily basis... to have more people having these herbs on a daily basis so that they might express more of their inherent latent potentials, creativity, what their purpose is for being here on the planet and how can they show up and be of service and help others around them to have a more awesome expression of their own self, their divinity, their embodiment... all these things!
N: Beautiful. Thank you so much Scott for sitting down with us today. Any final words?
S: I’m so grateful for our customers and our clientele who have made these plants and these products a part of their daily experience or have brought them into their home. I feel immensely grateful and honored that people have invited some of these plants into their lives and I’m thrilled about it. If you are customer of ours and you hear or see this interview -  I personally say thank you for your support, for you interest in what we’re doing with the brand and these plants. I am really grateful. Thank you.

Photo: Lindsey Ross

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