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Contributor: Melissa Richards

"The first hour of my day is all about me, being in the moment, enjoying the alchemy of this magical potion."

Rituals are grounding and balancing in this ever-changing world, and as someone who gets anxious easily, a morning routine supports Melissa to find her center. As a movement instructor and wellness pro, these morning potions help to start Melissa's morning and get her body and mind ready for the day to come!

A note from Melissa - on rituals for an open heart

I created this ritual to allow me to feel grounded and connected to my body and to allow myself to take things slow. Breathe in, breathe out. Enjoy.

I am a creature of habit. It sounds typical, but it's true.

I seek for balance and grounding in life, and as a person who gets anxious easily, a routine helps me find my center in my every day life.

The first thing I do in the mornings is fire up the blood with a Magic Matcha Potion or an Anandamide spiked coffee.

Magic Matcha Potion


1 tsp. White Dragon Matcha

1 tbsp. of coconut butter for creaminess

1 tsp. of Yin Power for over all balance

and a little honey (about 1 tsp.) for the start to a sweet morning



Heat, blend or whisk all ingredients

Serve in your favorite mug

Take it all in with gratitude

It is good to be alive

Anandamide Coffee


Make your favorite coffee, make sure it is hot hot hot!

Add 1/2 tbsp. of Anandamide (It has cacao and a blend of delicious adaptogens to wake up the mind, body, and soul)

1 tsp. of Yin Power, for hormone balance and control of the senses

1/2 tbsp. Tocos as a creamer substitute, and for a protein boost

1/2 tsp. Cordyceps for endurance, energy, and stability



Blend or whisk, take it all in

Giving thanks with a grateful heart, knowing that the answers lie inside you. Always.


I allow myself to take it all in.

The first hour of my day is all about me, being in the moment, enjoying the alchemy of this magical potion.

Then I get ready to move the body.

A few sun salutations to get my blood flowing and get me connected to the earth. Moving slowly, connecting to the breath.

I practice gratitude, the act of being in the moment, and I bow down to the divine within.

Photos and collage: Melissa Richards


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Melissa Richards

Melissa is an artist, writer, movement instructor and wellness professional.

Originally from Mexico City, Melissa splits her time between Miami and New York City. Yoga is her therapy, movement is her medicine, peace is her goal. Join her as she shares her personal experiences with healing rituals and practices, so you too can feel stronger, every day.

IG: melissarchrds


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