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"Triphala’s many contributions to keep our body in homeostasis are absolutely amazing."

Holistic Nutritionist and frequent traveller, Cassie Brown is all about supporting her digestive system, especially when venturing off to an unfamiliar or new place... In the midst of travel it is all too easy to forget to support our digestive process until it is too late - Cassie has incorporated a Triphala tonic into her travel routine to support daily flow and overall digestive health!

A note from Cassie - on the importance of healthy digestion during travel

Having suffered with chronic adult acne that stemmed from stress, anxiety and an unhealthy gut, I fell into holistic health and have been in love with my practice ever since. Because I travel often, if I’m not careful, anxiety can creep up and put a damper on my digestive system. So I’m always prioritizing moments to ground myself with light stretches, calming oils and teas and tonics for a gentle detox and constantly encourage clients and loved ones to do the same.

I came across Triphala when ordering more Tocos powder from Sun Potion. After I did some research, I thought to myself, “what doesn’t this Ayurvedic herb do?!” I wanted to try it out myself and, since then, it has been in my herbal rotation to ease the effects of travel and overall healing of my digestive system. 

Triphala’s many contributions to keep our body in homeostasis are absolutely amazing.

Not only does Triphala, which stands for three fruits, have a calming laxative effect that contributes to healthy bowel movements – it’s known for inhibiting cancer cell proliferation, reducing acidity and effects of carbohydrates (blood sugar) in the body and has antibacterial properties used for oral health.

Triphala also contains polyphenols that support the accumulation of good bacteria in our microbiome while inhibiting bad ones. 

“One human clinical trial that investigated the use of triphala in patients with gastrointestinal disorders reported that treatment reduced constipation, mucous, abdominal pain, hyperacidity, and flatulence while improving the frequency, yield, and consistency of stool.”

Throughout my years, and speaking with fellow frequent travelers, I’ve noticed the majority of people’s discomforts during their journey is getting their digestive system stabilized. 

Travel can alter our digestion due to the fluctuations of overwhelming emotions or stress we hold, food we eat that’s not serving us and/or lack of hydration. In turn, these all contribute to improper absorption and digestion of food which lead to stagnation. When this happens, it can cause things like: bloating, cramping or the inability to have a full bowl movement - which results in not-so-pleasant mood and energy shifts. 

Relocating from the comfort of your own space to somewhere unfamiliar can throw us off in many ways - whether that be mentally, emotionally and/or physically. So, I always encourage the importance of trying to find a practice, once we reach our destination or settle in back home, to bring ourselves back to balance. 

Please take a moment to put on some relaxing music, light a candle or incense and draw a bath or curl up with a book and of course with this delicious, inviting and endorphin-filled tonic.


(serves 1)

1 ½ cups filtered water (or any unsweetened plant milk)

1/2 tsp. Triphala

1/2 tbsp. Tocos (original or Jasmine)

1 tbsp. cacao

1/8 tsp. turmeric

1/8 tsp. ginger

pinch of black pepper

pinch of cardamom

pinch cinnamon

pinch of nutmeg (optional)



Add all to small sauce pan on low heat and and whisk until almost boiling, pour into mug

Please feel free to add additional sweet touch like monk fruit, stevia or some honey to sweeten

Enjoy (at least) 30 minutes before you go to sleep



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