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Contributor: Sophie Haber

Seeds are the foundation for everything, tend to them, nourish them...what do they need in order to grow? ” 

Writer/ Storyteller Sophie Haber has created a seed-filled delicacy featuring our Yin Power and Lion’s Mane  for "when you're feeling inward, yet craving that internal fuel for the creative soul." 

A note from Sophie 

The perfect nutrient rich, plant powered snack that gently supports the womb and is a gut loving treat! This seed filled creation is your ally when feeling inward, yet craving that internal fuel for the creative soul. Infused with seeds, resembling gestation, fertility, and creative expression! With the soothing support of plant powered potion, Yin Power, she gently aids the feminine, is hormone balancing, and guides our creativity from the inward out! One of my favourite herbal formulas that radiates confidence, and the will power to go after whats calling! Also intermixed in here is Lion's Mane, our warrior of strength! I like to think of this combination of the masculine and feminine eloping in a beautiful soft and strengthening way! 


To strengthen and inspire the seeds within me to express themselves in creative ways! To provide radiance and energy for my day! Supporting the masculine and feminine within! 


(serving size 8 small round balls) 

3 medjool dates (or 1/3 cup date paste if not using a blender) 

1/4 cup hemp seeds 

1/2 cup sunflower seeds (use 1 tbsp. sunflower butter if you are mixing by hand)

1 tbsp. tahini butter 

1 tsp. fennel seeds 

1 tsp. Sun Potion Yin Power 

1/2 tsp. Sun Potion Lion's Mane 

1 tbsp. goji berries 

1/4 tsp. vanilla bean 

pinch of sea salt 



If you have a Vitamix or blender, place all ingredients expect for the goji berries in the blender and mix

You want everything to be combined and well mixed, however just leaving enough crunch to your preference

I like mine pretty seedy so I don't mix all the way!

Next, fold in the goji berries and gently hand massage till its all mixed in (if you do not have a blender, no worries, just use the instructions above and replace the whole seeds for seed butter!)

Roll the dough into little round moons and place them in the fridge to firm up! 

They are great go to snacks for the week!


** When placing your Yin Power and Lion's Mane into the mix, I invite you to infuse your intention into what your creating! Remember, what you are thinking and feeling upon creation, is also the intention!  Enjoy!! 


Photos by Sophie Haber 

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Sophie Haber

Sophie is a storyteller in the many shapes and forms that mold from her passions. She is inspired by her travels, the wilderness, and the senses. The first cocoon of storytelling came through her photos as she would weave together these elaborate tales through imagery. As her world began to expand and her feet took her places deeper into the unknown her experiences became stories. Words found rhythm and took shape. Having studied alongside midwife and School of Shamanic Womancraft teacher, Jane Hardwick Collings her world for the sacred was seeded. She finds her essence through connection and deeply listening to others she sits circle with. Honouring these cyclical thresholds of life she is inspired to be of service to these rites of remembering. More recently, Sophie has dived deep into the world of writing. With the inspiration and grace of author, writer, and circle facilitator Janet Lucy she has blossomed her passion to write. She has become a Certified Writing Circle Facilitator and is excited to sit circle with others who feel called.


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