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“I allow the energy of love to flow through my life”
“I am open to meeting my divine love”

In this sensitive and empowering piece, healing artist, yoga teacher and herbalist, Gabi Torres explores the nature of the Feminine - and her personal journey in reconnecting to her feminine essence through herbs, yoga, and spiritual practice . She shares her intentions for this year and how a simple tonic made with our Yin Power blend combined with heart opening movement and affirmations, and being open to communication with the cosmos is an integral part of her tapping into her inner source of Feminine energy.....


A note from Gabi

I chose to be in the robes of a woman on this journey, and I feel that much of my self-exploration has been becoming aware of what that means for me. What is feminine? What makes a woman? How do I define that for myself while dropping learned behavior and ideas from society and upbringing? 

The energetic inspiration for 2019 is about clear communication with your closest circle (family, friends, business relationships, partner, lover) as well as clear communication with the universe. In this, I have been so inspired through my yoga teachings for my students and my personal practice to open up space within my body for the energy of love. I felt that I lived much of 2018 in a more masculine energy as well as in an energy of restriction, not allowing my deepest desires to fully manifest. As this inspiration and calling was ignited, my quest began towards getting to know my feminine energy. I synchronistically stumbled into a local shop I and saw Yin Power and took home a jar that day. When I got home a created potion of magick with the herbs and experienced love.




1 tsp. Yin Power

1/2 tbsp. White Dragon Matcha

1/2 cup oat milk

1/2 tsp. turmeric*

dash of cinnamon

dash of cardamom

*additional turmeric can be added for personal preference



Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender for 30 seconds

Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy

The earthy taste of the Reishi and the He Shou Wu in the Yin Power provided a grounding force and the potion tasted exquisite. So, from then on I have played with creating this same potion in the morning with the addition of matcha after a meditation, or having this potion sometimes is the actual meditation. As I consistently began to incorporate this potion into my life, it awakened something in my spirit. I became spiritually inspired to recite affirmations that I created for myself, and would recite them either when I woke up in the morning or when I was at the gym before teaching my first yoga class. It is almost as if the herbs connected me to a spiritual clarity.

“I allow the energy of love to flow through my life”
“I am open to meeting my divine love”

The energy of the herbs in combination with yoga practices of heart opening which created space mentally, physically and emotionally…married with the spiritual practice of affirmations shifted me into a new energetic space. The beauty lies in the fact that it is all so clearly interconnected.

The mental, emotional and physical body (yoga)
Connection to Earth (herbs)
Connection to Spirit (affirmations)
A door to experiencing and understanding my feminine energy more.

In this journey towards my Feminine, what I have discovered is an energy of self-love and nurturing that I experience with myself and can share with others. An energy of allowing what I desire to manifest has replaced the masculine “trying” to make it happen. In addition, the events of the beginning of this year have called me to stand up and own my strength. In this I have discovered that as I woman I am a strong, as well as loving, force of energy. Strength is not to be feared, and neither is love. Everything is connected, and through this the journey of self-discovery continues.



1. Place a yoga block under your bra strap for women (the block can be vertical or horizontal)
2. Bring the soles of your feet together and knees apart allowing you to connect to your sacral chakra, creativity center
3. Surrender in this pose. Feel your heart expand, feel the energy in your sacral chakra flowing and experience one of the gifts of feminine energy, the act of allowing