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Contributor: Gabi Torres

Achieving a state of harmony within mind, body, and spirit is the primary focus for  alchemist and yogi Gabi Torres - as facilitated through mindfulness, meditation, movement and nourishing rituals.  Gabi shares a delicious morning potion with a blend of adaptogens that target each area of  "The Trifecta" to establish connection and balance on all levels.


 Summer is upon us in Miami and after a busy and abundant first half of the year I have been feeling a calling to nourish and reconnect to self. Slowing down the pace within my mind, giving myself space to journal, relax, spend time with my kitties and re-balance my mind, body, emotions & spirit. 
I have been using the herbs as a method of reconnection to self & as a reminder of my intentions.
I have found power within the ritual of ingesting an herb that is going to further benefit the practice that I am going to engage in.
Whether it be the herb + the meditation practice, the herb + the yoga practice, or the herb + the beauty ritual. This process has assisted me to feel a holistic approach during this moment of intending to reconnect within & without. 


The different herbs have served a reminder of what I am putting into my body and what goal I have of rebalancing that area in particular. Lion's Mane, an adaptogen for mental clarity has been making its way into my potions day and night. I find that it has been a priority to take care of my mind and the content of which my thoughts are filled. With the busy-ness of the first half of the year came the use of a lot of mental energy, so I have felt the need to replenish through the herbs and through meditation practices. Below you will find a meditation practice that I have been sharing with my yoga students and practicing myself. 

Meditation Practice 

During your meditation practice, envision within your third eye a glimpse or a flash of something you would like to see manifest within your life. It can be a goal, a material thing, a trip somewhere…whatever it is take a moment to see it like a movie. Harnessing the concept that wherever we put our mental energy is what manifests within our life. So keeping our thoughts positive and our visions guided towards what we actually would like to see is powerful within our creations. 


My morning potions prior to yoga or whatever exercise I am going to do that day have also included Eucommia which is for improving your flexibility, strength and endurance within the body. I have had the intention of furthering my flexibility within my personal yoga practice and creating more space within the body. As well as increasing the strength within my core. I have been feeling more open & strong and my joints have actually been feeling healthier while using this herb consistently. 


Pearl has been my herbal segway to spirit lately as it is my spirit en-body. I have been using the Pearl in both my day & night potions. The magick about drinking it at night is that I feel that is that it is working as I sleep. I feel the radiance, and I think this is the most important thing about the herbs…discovering how they make you feel. 

The Morning Potion


1 tbsp. Cacao (AM)

1/2 tsp. Lion's Mane

1/2 tsp. Pearl

1/2 tsp. Eucommia

1 tsp. Jasmine Tocos

1/2 cup oat mylk

cinnamon (to taste)

turmeric (to taste)

1 tsp. coconut oil



 Add all ingredients to blender and serve, additionally you can use a frother and blend together in a glass



As I nourish myself through the herbs and self care practices I feel that everything is working from the inside out. Taking time for me is so important as I am always giving to others through my yoga teachings, rituals and life work. So the space I create within my day to nourish from the inside out holds a lot of value. Through ritual, practice and intention I weave a life full of meaning, love and power. 

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Gabi Torres

Gabi is a creative spiritual entrepreneur currently practicing in the sunny jungle of Miami Beach, FL where she was born and raised. Prior to this she lived in the west side of LA while undergoing her masters in Art Therapy at LMU. Her work is inspired by a connection: spirit to earth through her inner wisdom married with the sacred arts of yoga, herbalism, ritual, and practical magick. She often works with the elements of nature to heal, call upon manifestations or plant seeds for the future. She is in the midst of opening up her own studio called Earth to Yoga where one will be able to experience all of this.


Photo: @annush

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