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Contributor: Lucette Romy

At last - an approach to bread that helps heal the gut! Artist + Alchemist Lucette Romy shares a simple sourdough starter recipe with us that uses just three ingredients - gluten-free flour, water, and time - as a base for this prebiotic, low-glycemic healing dough!

If you love sourdough like I do, but you’re celiac or gluten free and miss all of the joys of eating sourdough then look no further. Making a gluten free sourdough starter only requires a few simple ingredients - flour, water and time. 

There are so many benefits to eating sourdough bread as opposed to traditional breads. Not only is sourdough easier to digest than regular bread as it is a prebiotic, it helps in preventing issues such as indigestion. It also contains the beneficial bacteria lactobacillus which aids in gut health and has a lower glycemic load which will prevent it from causing higher spikes in blood sugar as traditional breads do.

Making a gluten free sourdough starter isn’t any different from making a regular sourdough starter. The only difference is that gluten free sourdough requires us to play with a variety of gluten free flours. Your gluten free sourdough starter can be made in as little as seven days using gluten free flour, water and a large enough vessel such as a jar or bowl to contain the starter. I prefer to use a mason jar! 

Though this recipe calls for brown rice flour to create your starter, you can also successfully make a gluten free starter with white rice flour, teff flour, sorghum flour or oat flour.


1/2 cup organic brown rice flour 

1/3 cup filtered water



Combine organic brown rice flour and filtered water in vessel of choice

Whisk until smooth (if too crumbly and not wet enough add a tablespoon of water at a time to reach a thick consistency but not runny) and cover the gluten free sourdough starter with a lid

At least twice a day (or every 12 hours) for the next six to seven days, at regular intervals, add 1/2 cup of flour and 1/3 cup of filtered water to the existing starter >> Mix until smooth, and cover

If vessel gets too full of starter simply discard some of your starter but keep adding water and flour in regular intervals

When your gluten-free sourdough starter is very bubbly and rises about third of the way up the jar after 2-3 hours of feeding you are ready use your starter to make bread


Maintaining Your Starter 

Once established, your gluten free sourdough starter needs to be fed daily (same ratio for when creating a starter)

Tip: When feeding gluten free starter flour and water and mixing you should have the consistency of a thick frosting

If you bake frequently (every day or a few times a week) you can store your sourdough at room temperature, and feed it with 1⁄2 cup gluten free flour and 1⁄3 cup filtered water once a day, discarding starter when needed to accommodate for expansion

If you bake infrequently (once a week) just store starter in the fridge (up to a week) until ready to use

When you are ready to bake, no need to bring it to room temperature>> Just take out of the fridge and start baking

Highly recommended using this recipe for Lucette's Prash Pancakes that we love! Head here to try this decadent, adaptogenic recipe...


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Lucette Romy

Lucette is an Australian designer, photographer, artist and alchemist. After living in Bali, Indonesia for over 5 years she has been inspired to live simply and holistically, at harmony with the earth and its offerings. As owner and designer of The Wylde, Lucette brings to life clothing that is focused on redefining the values of fashion through sustainable manufacturing and design. With simple and elegant silhouettes made from natural, organic and raw materials, she believes that clothing is like good skincare and should be thought of like anything that we consume internally or topically. Through her work as a photographer, Lucette is passionate in giving a voice to women to feel powerful and radiant in their body and who they are through her soulful and femi- nine imagery.



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