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"On the way home from an afternoon of swimming I notice a small woman plucking branches of tiny white flowers from a tree that grows out over an old fence.... I take the tall branch and lower it down so that the blooms are now near to her..."

Laura Johnson shares a mystical, tropical experience with us that began last summer in the port town on Mexico's Pacific Beach, Puerto Escondido, evoking all our desires of summer time, the ocean, fresh fruits and relaxation... We invite you to dive in and perhaps recreate the dreamy atmosphere with her Moringa-infused 'Coconut Lime Bites.' 

The rain is light but steady - an enveloping blanket of mist. Long tropical leaves, arching long and red like tongues drip now with water. The dirt road is turning muddy and I walk past an overgrown lot, with an ornate iron gate, and I like to imagine the home I would make here. Under the cover of trees amongst a ground littered with coconut husks, chicken and roosters peck about for grubs and fallen mangoes. A group of boys with surfboards runs past towards the growing waves and the air is a divine fragrance of sex wax, honeysuckle, and tropical fruits that conjure a memory of key lime pie. Later in the sun the guavas will ripen at the roadside fruit stands and mixed with the scent of the warming wet soil the air with be further perfumed. There is a booming sound and I expect lightning but come to discover that it is the waves crashing ahead. From the water that makes its way from the lagunilla to the sea, wriggles a young crocodile into the surf.

On the way home from an afternoon of swimming I notice a small woman plucking branches of tiny white flowers from a tree that grows out over an old fence. There is a big cluster that I can see is out of her reach. I am curious about what she will do with the delicate flowers so I take the tall branch and lower it down so that the blooms are now near to her. She cuts them free and thanks me. They appear too tender to keep in water - and besides, there is such a vibrant array of flowers in every direction. For what reason would such a woman feel the need to keep cut flowers?

Va a comerlas/You will eat these?” I ask.
Si, tienen muchas vitaminas/Yes, they have many vitamins.
Y como se llaman/And what are they called?
Aha! Gracias y buen provecho señora/ Aha! Thank you, enjoy, kind woman!"

We smiled at one another, she took her lifted skirt full of flowers home and I continued up the hill...
My smile turned to laughter remembering a friends recent suggestion to me that I eat more flowers.

Coconut Lime Bites



1 cup nuts/seeds

1 cup dates

1/3 cup unsweetened coconut

1-2 small limes

2 tsp. Sun Potion Moringa


A Spoonful of Sun Potion Moringa 



For this, I like to use sprouted peanuts and pepitas, but any variation of nuts and seeds can result in a delicious treat!

Begin by placing the nuts & seeds of your choosing in a food processor and pulse

Add the dates (for these I suggest medjool), you can also decrease the amount here and add honey

Add the zest and juice of one lime

Add the coconut nut shreds, reserving a small amount to roll the bites in later

Add the Moringa and pulse all ingredients together

Add more lime juice if the mixture is not sticking together, and zest if you prefer more lime flavor

Add a pinch of sea salt and vanilla bean if you like

Use a small spoon to create bites and roll them in the remaining coconut shreds

Keep in a well sealed container, refrigerated for up to 2 weeks


A note from Sun Potion on Moringa

Moringa has been called the “Miracle Tree” or "Miracle Leaf" because it contains a wide range of bio-available nutrients, minerals & high levels of vitamins. It may support the following:

  • Improve Overall Nutrition
  • Promote Sound Sleep & Relieve Anxiety
  • Stabilize Blood Pressure
  • Strengthen Digestion *

Moringa Oleifera earned its reputation because of the wide range of nutritional and medicinal properties which can be acquired from almost any part of the tree. It grows primarily in places which have a tropical, subtropical and semi-arid climate.

Minerals include Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Selenium and Magnesium. It is also rich in amino acids. Moringa leaves have been shown to increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers and are used as a primary nutritional support in many countries.* 

*It is best to consult your practitioner/herbalist about adaptogens while pregnant/breastfeeding