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Journal — meditation

Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.


What do you recommend for Brain health? specifically dementia prevention.

Hi there! We recommend our Mucuna Pruriens Transcendent Elixir, Lion's Mane and Bacopa Transcende...

What do you suggest for post menopause for helping with bone density?

Hi there! We recommend our Tocos and Eucommia for extra bone density support, post menopause. Euc...

Is it okay to mix multiple powders? or take more than one in a day?

Yes! It is ok to take more than one herb or adaptogen in a day, using the recommended serving siz...


    Contributor: Desirée Pais |
    A simple and easy practice for beauty from within, Desirée Pais shares with us a Kundalini meditation that not only calms the mind but also makes the skin glow. A practice that only takes three minutes a day, this simple meditation is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

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    Contributor: Morgan Rae |
    "Transformation is birthed in the slow moments, and with the chaos of summer we don't always get the chance to find stillness and presence." - Morgan Rae A potent, simple ritual from Morgan rooted in the act of presence within the rhythms of nature. We invite you to try her sun-gazing process  (and potion) and see how it might support you....  we are awed by how a moment of sun-steeped stillness and nourishment can inspire so much!

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    Contributor: Amrit-Sadhana Khalsa |
    "Feel the cool grass or dirt underneath your feet. Close your eyes and reach your arms out, tilt your head up to the sky and take a few deep belly breaths. Feel the sun kissing your face and mentally say a few thoughts of gratitude for your life and for the season." -Amrit-Sadhana Khalsa Summer Solstice is a powerful time to set intentions for the season ahead. With the support of medicinal herbs and mindful practices, Amrit shows us how we can connect with nature and ourselves more deeply on this day.

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    Contributor: Gabi Torres |
    Achieving a state of harmony within mind, body, and spirit is the primary focus for  alchemist and yogi Gabi Torres - as facilitated through mindfulness, meditation, movement and nourishing rituals.  Gabi shares a delicious morning potion with a blend of adaptogens that target each area of  "The Trifecta" to establish connection and balance on all levels.  

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Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

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