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Holistic wellness coach and creative mind Andrea Ochoa has been a Sun Potion Journal contributor for the past two years, since its inception through today! We are grateful to share her delicious recipes and awesome curated playlists to enjoy while you sip your morning matcha. Check out her website, Superpowerss to see her creative offerings! Read our interview below...

Sun Potion: You recently launched an ebook and created a new wellness program, among other offerings, through your company Superpowerss! Can you share more with us about this new endeavor? 

    Andrea: Yes, and I am SO excited about the many projects that I am brewing up at the moment. The vision behind Superpowerss is to provide a platform within the health and wellness space that is pushing the boundaries and innovating how we approach wellbeing and personal self-development. We infuse a creative, whole and light-hearted approach to make the journey of self-discovery and self-love fun and easy. Unlike single-focused approaches, with Superpowerss we offer a dynamic approach using different mediums to heal and evolve. We celebrate our unique individuality by offering different ways to work together to embrace your highest potential, set in the foundation of self-love. 

    The e-book is a powerful tool to embrace your power. It’s a 21 day program to elevate your wellbeing with a holistic approach. It is a starting point for those who want to discover what it is to feel happy within themselves and a powerful reminder for those who are well into their journey. It is really only the beginning for the brand. In addition to the e-book I also launched my online coaching business which focuses on a tailored approach to enhancing your life to embody true wellness and live your dreams.

    My life purpose is to support people to feel happy and fulfilled. All my offerings stem from that place. As an eternal creative spirit, my heart lends itself to many areas in life and I believe we have the power to make all of those dreams come true, in divine timing of course. I rewired the idea that we have to focus only on one thing. So in addition to expanding Superpowerss, I am also working on bringing to life an exciting project in collaboration with my husband Gregorio. 

    To make the long story short...At the same time I was leaving my 10-years corporate career in the beauty industry divine love found me and 8 months later we got married! 

    Gregorio and I share the same vision and purpose, which is to support people in enhancing and transforming their lives. Our mission is to do everything we can to have the greatest impact for a brighter future for all. It was an unexpected surprise to share my life purpose with my partner and it has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences. 

    Gregorio had been on the journey of self-discovery, full time, for 6 years. Through his countless experiences he gained a rich source of knowledge about different modalities and he introduced many new practices to my life that have brought deep positive transformation. The one that impacted me the most was breathwork. After doing one session of the Breath of One (the breathwork Gregorio founded and had been teaching for 6 years) my life completely changed. I had done a lot of inner work on myself, however with this practice I released darkness that was buried deep in my subconscious which allowed me to keep moving in a new direction with clarity and space. 

    I was so touched by this experience that I naturally integrated these concepts into the offerings we provide at Superpowerss. We began teaching together the Breath of One around the world for the last year and we have been thinking about scaling it up when the time was right. The idea has been marinating for some time and has organically evolved into something innovative and radical. Our different perspectives and life journeys came together to make a unique holistic approach to create transformational self-growth programs and experiences. What we have been working on for the last year is finally launching as an online program that we called ‘Breathe Your Freedom’ and we’re so excited to share it with the world! It’s really blending the best of both worlds. If you want to know more we’re launching a free 6 part video workshop series that will give a taste of what’s to come. To stay up to date and receive the videos when they’re live, sign up here.  No spam we promise. :) 

    Can you tell us a little bit more about Gregorio and your journey together? 

      Before I get into sharing about what Greogorio does I’d love to share who he is. From the moment I met him I was instantly intrigued by his vibrant loving energy that was undeniable to see. His heart radiates love and positivity to all of those around him. I had written down a list of qualities I desired in my life partner and I never expected the universe would lead me to someone who embodied all of those and so much more. He is truly one of the most unique and special human beings I have ever met, and I am forever grateful to share this life with him. He has expanded me in so many ways. We continue to adventure, grow, and learn together and are fully committed to our personal happiness. 

      Now about what he does...Gregorio is a transformational life coach and spiritual activator. He supports people in using their inner wisdom to live with true Freedom, Joy, and Authenticity. He founded the Breath of One and guided more than 6,000 people in using the breath to experience life changing transformations by going beyond limits. His story is pretty inspiring not only for what he’s doing now but also because before living his purpose he was on another path and had the courage to take a leap of faith to follow his heart. 

      He was pursuing a life of academia, as a Fulbright scholar and received his Master in Architecture from University of Michigan. Then a month after graduating, he discovered breath work and everything changed. He went on a journey to understand the meaning of life, and had countless experiences that brought profound transformations, yet none of them gave him the answers he was seeking for. After 2 sessions of breathwork, everything was clear and it was so simple. The breath was the answer. He started sharing this practice with friends, then it evolved and he founded the Breath of One. He started to get invited to share it at events, stages, conferences and retreats around the world and has taught the practice to people like Don Jose Ruiz (co-author of the 5th Agreement), Mike Krieger (Co-founder of Instagram), Michael Beckwith, Naval Ravikant (Founder of Angel List), Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of Mindvalley) and many more. He always dreamt of leading the session with a woman to bring together masucline and feminine and was hoping that this person would also be his life partner so then he started searching...and eventually found me!

      Our love story is pretty crazy, it was a big synchronicity from the universe! We have shared a little bit about it, and we’ll be sharing more about how we manifested divine love in an upcoming IG live. If you can’t make it live, no worries, it will be recorded. Follow us on Instagram for updates on that! Our accounts are @andrea.c.ochoa and .

      As I mentioned briefly we share the same purpose of supporting people to live the life of their dreams and reach their highest potential. We really believe that if you focus on healing and evolving yourself to embody your true essence, together we can be a part of a brighter future. We also feel that we are here on this planet to enjoy life, so we infuse fun into everything we do. We ignite this sense of playfulness into self-growth to make it an enjoyable process. With this intention we are creating a lot of exciting projects at the moment. 

      We saw you and your husband are also hosting “Sensorial Dinners,” and we love the sound of that! Can you tell us more about what a sensorial dinner is? 

        Yes, we create multi-sensorial transformational experiences. We have this philosophy that experiencing life through all the senses makes it so much more dynamic and fun. Coming from a fragrance development background, and as we both have a deep passion for music we love stimulating all the senses to create unconventional experiences that touch all parts of who we are (mind, body, soul and emotions). 

        One of them is the Sensorial Dinner, which is a mindful dining experience where all your senses are stimulated and ignited by a creative plant-based menu where you interact with food in ways that you probably have never done before. We will be hosting an online version soon which will be a part of Breathe Your Freedom. So stay tuned for more info on that.

        What are some of your goals for Superpowerss! and how do you see it evolving in 2021?

          One of the goals of Superpowerss is to continue to expand our community even more and become the self-love destination that provides multi-sensorial experiences, breathwork, coaching services and products to support people to deeply transform their lives both in person and online. 

          Another goal for 2021, also considering the situation in which the world is today is to grow even further into providing more online programs focused on different areas of life for a holistic self-development. We are evolving our multi-sensorial experiences into the digital space for deeper connection and accessibility to everyone regardless of their physical location. 

          And finally, we will continue to collaborate with Gregorio to keep merging the masculine and feminine energies for more well rounded offerings. 

          We know you love to travel! Can you share some of your favorite places you have traveled to, and an interesting or special experience that has stayed with you from your travels?

            That’s a tough question because each place has such a unique essence to it! But a few of my favorite places have been Myanmar, Bali, Costa Rica, Italy and Ibiza. 

            Traveling to Myanmar with my husband was one of the most life-changing experiences for me. It was the first time I went to Asia and we had literally no plans. We bought a one way ticket and only had the first 2 nights of our hotel booked. Until then I was used to traveling by having everything organized and booked in advance, so going with the flow was a big adventure with many learnings and surprises. I celebrated new years of 2020 there and that night we met this sweet man and his family. He invited us to his home to have dinner after we saw fireworks. He lived in a small tiny house and did not have much however he offered us everything he had prepared for his family. He spoke little English yet we still made a deep connection and enjoyed a beautiful vegan dinner filled with laughs and joy. I had never experienced such selfless generosity before and this deeply touched my soul. This was only the first night of my experience in Myanmar, the next 3 weeks were filled with many of these types of moments that forever changed me and opened my heart. Immersing ourselves with the local community (even sleeping in one of their bamboo houses in the mountains), spending time with the ancient tribes and exploring the unbeaten path was truly expansive. Every experience I had there not only opened my mind, but it deeply nourished my soul and contributed to my self growth. 


            Since you are also a music curator/dj, who are some of your favorite artists? Who is on your current playlist? Anyone that should be on our radar?

              I really love most types of music, because each genre touches your emotions in a different way. That's the beauty of sound, it has the power to go beyond words to touch your soul, which is why I integrate it into so much of what I do.

              The music I listen to really depends on what I’m doing and my mood. I literally have music for every moment of my day. I listen to everything from jazz to techno to salsa to 90s trance. I just launched my spotify which is where you can find my playlists for all different things like working, chilling, dancing, working out and more. Go here to follow me: Andrea Ochoa on Spotify 

              Some of my favorite artists at the moment are (in no particular order): 

              HNNY, HVOB, The Blaze, Maribou State, Bonobo, Monolink, Above and Beyond, TSHA, Caribou (such a tough question because I have so many on my list...these are just a few of the dozens I could list).

              A little visual treat for you are these magical videos featuring 2 of the artists  mentioned above performing live in surreal settings:

              Ben Böhmer live above Cappadocia

              FKJ live at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

              Since I am so passionate about music, I integrate it into nearly all the work that I am doing today. We have recently been exploring music outside of electronic dance music to capture a dynamic combination of sounds to compliment deeper more meditative journeys. It’s been so enriching to discover artists that are creating very unique sounds within their genres, so I have a few that are on my radar at the moment and definitely some to keep an eye on. They are: David Hohme, The Human Experience, Eduardo Castillo, Mardeleva, Random Rab, and Bellville. We are collaborating with them because we want to infuse their fresh musical perspectives into Breathe Your Freedom. You can find a playlist on my Spotify called JUST BREATHE and BREATHE MID DAY RELAX which gives a preview. 

              What is your method/way to de-stress currently? 

                I’ve recently implemented breathwork into my daily routine and it has totally changed my life.

                Doing breathwork everyday even if it's for 1 minute gives me the sacred soul time that nourishes my entire being. The magic about this practice is that, unlike normal’s so much easier and empowering. It doesn't take years of practice to understand how to use the breath to optimize your life. Most times it takes one or just a few sessions. Taking a few deep conscious breaths when I don’t feel at my highest self, is a very simple and yet profound way to de-stress. 

                I’m a big advocate of self-love because I believe the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one. Making this relationship a priority can sometimes be more challenging when you have a busy life. It can be hard to find even a few minutes of “me time” however I know how beneficial it is to make this time for my well being. Discovering something that is so effective at giving me a sense of peace at any time has upgraded my self-love game by a lot! By using the breath I am able to de-stress and quiet the mind to access the deeper parts of my soul. And for the times where I want a quick boost of energy, my source of power comes from the breath as well. One of the fascinating things of the breath is how versatile it can be in providing benefits for your life, plus it is always available to you.

                Do you have a morning or evening routine that you look forward to each day?

                  Yes I do. There is a power in putting intention into the beginning and end to the day, by doing this you begin to co-create with the universe. 

                  In my morning routine, there are a few things that set the foundation and that’s breathwork, drinking 1 L of water and my gratitude/intention practice. The rest of my morning routine is always evolving. For me it feels best to change things up daily, adapting what I choose to do to my mood of that day and what my schedule looks like. From the foundation, I have a list of different things that I choose from that range from power walking, journaling, reading, yoga, listening to podcasts, having tea, making an elixir and connecting with my husband before the day starts. 

                  For my evening flow I usually start with my skincare routine which is also a moment of self-care for me. I like to practice sending myself love in the mirror and speaking positive affirmations to myself as I put on my products. This mirror exercise was the first thing I ever did when I started my journey and it was so foundational for beginning to reignite the relationship to myself. I suggest taking even 10 seconds to look into your own eyes, say I love you and feel into it. It’s powerful. Then I practice gratitude, do self-reflection, get ready for the next day, make tea and end my day with watching a documentary with my husband or reading. 

                  How did you first hear about Sun Potion and which herbs/adaptogens are your favorites? 

                    I was looking for Ashwaganda at the time and found the brand online. I was super excited because it also introduced me to a variety of herbs I had never heard about. I think you guys are doing something amazing for the world and I am in deep love with the products you are creating. I am always so excited to get creative with infusing the herbs/adaptogens into my plant based creations. 

                    My favorites, like everything in my life, depend on the moment. Right now I am loving Tocos, He Shou Wu and Cordyceps

                    Any current / favorite books at the moment?

                      Yes, I recently read The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and it was so inspiring! It goes into understanding how to stay more connected to your heart and live in true happiness. I love how he breaks down complex ideas in an easy way using real life examples. I highly recommend this book. And some classics that changed my life are The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz. 

                      We are constantly inspired by your plant-based and vibrant bowls of food nourishment! Can you share a simple recipe with us or a dressing we can make and try at home?

                        Aw thank you I appreciate that so much! I’ll share my current go to breakfast because it's so good! I’ve recently really been into baked oats. It's like eating dessert for breakfast without feeling the heaviness of sugar and carbs’s super easy to make. You can also get creative and experiment with different toppings and adaptogens/herbs, which never make breakfast boring. 

                        Turmeric Blueberry Cheesecake Baked Oats


                        ½ cup blended oats

                        ½ cup coconut milk 

                        ½ tsp. baking soda or baking powder 

                        1 tsp. turmeric 

                        pinch of black pepper 

                        ½ mashed very ripe banana 

                        1 tsp. of Cordyceps 

                        1 tsp. Tocos 

                        1 scoop of sun warrior vanilla collagen (optional) if not using protein powder add 1 tbsp. of coconut sugar 

                        blueberry topping:

                        ¼ cup blueberries

                        ½ tbsp. chia seeds 

                        cream cheese frosting:

                        2 tbsp. coconut yogurt 



                        Preheat oven to 180C / 350 F.

                        Blend oats into flour then add the remaining ingredients until it forms a batter.

                        In a saucepan, heat up berries until they turn soft and add in chia seeds. If you’re not using protein powder you can add a little coconut sugar or sweetener that you prefer. Set aside.

                        Pour the batter in an oven proof dish. 

                        Sprinkle it with cinnamon and coconut sugar. 

                        Bake in the oven for up to 35 minutes or until the knife comes out clean. 

                        Top with coconut yogurt and more berries. 


                        We know you practice breathwork and encourage others to find comfort through a simple practice. Can you share a breathwork flow with us that may aid us when feeling overwhelmed? 

                          Yes, I am a big believer that sometimes the most profound things in life are simple and this is why I am super excited about breathwork, because it's so easy and something we all do naturally. 

                          I have tried countless meditation styles and none seem to be exciting and fun enough to become part of my lifestyle. Gregorio and I saw a gap in the meditation and breathwork space. We weren’t having fun, and felt uninspired to keep meditating so we created something new to fill this gap. By adding this concept of enjoyment to our spiritual practice we have a daily practice that we look forward to doing. 

                          To get a taste of what’s brewing up, you can listen to the special meditation breathwork mix for the 10th year celebration of Sun Potion. To tune in go here… Sun Potion's 10 Year Anniversary 

                          This has been a revolution for our wellbeing and so we decided to share it as wide as possible. If you want to know more you’re welcome to join the free 6 part workshop series and by signing up here you’ll be the first to know when the videos are live. breatheyourfreedom

                          We hope to see you there! :) 

                          Andrea Ochoa

                          Andrea Ochoa is a creative alchemist and creator of beauty. Various forms of expression are her forte. She mixes music and superfood potions, develops beauty products, discovers new ways to reinterpret food into art, creates visual storytelling and is a beauty coach. She is an advocate for guiltless self-care to feel empowered and raise your vibrations on all levels. Beauty is within us all and the magic begins when you embrace your true essence. Born and raised in Miami with Colombian roots, she is currently fulfilling her life long dream of living in Europe and traveling the world.