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Contributor: Melissa Richards
Inspired by the life giving energy of the sun and the sweet, energizing properties of honey, Melissa has created a playlist on Spotify for us to celebrate life and dance to, with a simple meditation to follow. 

Open your heart and be free. 

Be MUKTI - Freedom. Shine like the SURYA - Sun. Liberate yourself from your emotions and anything you’ve picked up this day, this week, this month! Let it all melt away like honey.

Press play, think of the color yellow, maybe of things that make you happy (puppies and flowers?) and ENJOY.

The body keeps the score. You’ve heard that before.

So shake your Boogie Oogie, and liberate yourself.

Let the music transport you to wherever you wish to be.

But first...

Let's begin with a short meditation before we shake everything that doesn’t serve us anymore.

First, Create a sacred space in your home, somewhere near a window that is nice and sunny so we can absorb the Sun’s beautiful yellow liberating energy. Find a comfortable seat. Close your eyes, and begin to take a deep inhale through your nose, and out of your nose. Pay attention to breath/body connection and how it feels at this moment.

Is the breath stagnant? Anxious? Does the breath feel stuck? Or is it calm and steady?

Now that your attention is on your breath, begin to lengthen your inhale for the count of 6, and exhale for the count of 6. Take a few rounds, just like that. Take your time. 

Begin to envision a beautiful Citrine colored crystal in the center of your belly. This energy center in the body is called the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus is the energy point in the body where we hold the confidence between ourselves, and the physical world. (When we are feeling nervous, stressed out, sad, or angry, we feel it in this part of our body the most.)

I want you to place your hands on your belly, and with your eyes closed, and your breath steady, begin to send healing energy to that part of your body. With every inhale feel the belly expand, with every exhale, feel the rib cage come together. With every breath, your beautiful Citrine colored energy in your belly gets stronger, brighter and happier. 

I want you to hold the following mantra in your head as you do this: 

“I am trusting. I am confident. I can get through anything.”

When you’re ready to come out of your meditation, slowly flutter your eyes open. Wake up your body gently, and press play.

Move it. Shake it. Melt it away.

Just like honey.


Photo and Playlist by Melissa Richards

Feature Image via Pinterest

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Melissa Richards

Melissa is an artist, writer, movement instructor and wellness professional.

Originally from Mexico City, Melissa splits her time between Miami and New York City. Yoga is her therapy, movement is her medicine, peace is her goal. Join her as she shares her personal experiences with healing rituals and practices, so you too can feel stronger, every day.

IG: melissarchrds


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