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A magical superfood-rich bread inspired by the cycles of the moon and women’s wellbeing by Sophie Haber.... in this recipe, Sophie shares the power of seeds and how certain foods (like pumpkin and flax seed) when properly prepared  may support estrogen production for women during key phases of the month.

Making this immediately. 

A note from Sophie

This super seed adaptogen bread was made to support my creative seeds within as well as my cycle during this time of the month! As the full moon grows, these ingredients help to ground, nourish, and aid my body through her natural cycle.

As women, we are so deeply connected with the lunar phases which play a huge role in our own cycles. Back in the primitive times, women used to ovulate when the moon was at her fullest and menstruate when the moon was dark. Now in days with increasing light pollution and other factors our cycles seem to be all over the place. It is my intention to provide helpful wisdom for those seeking a deeper connection with our inner cycles and the outer cycles. 

Seeds resemble so much, and when consciously aware of it, hold deeper meanings! This loaf is loaded with seeds of all kinds, especially flax seeds and pumpkin, which aid the body in producing estrogen. Our bodies need this extra boost of estrogen, especially when going through the follicular and ovulatory phases. We naturally assist our body and our hormones through these seeds! Also gelatinous and gooey foods such as chia seeds and psyllium husks aid the womb in her natural cycle of ovulation by providing mucus for our eggs. Below I have listed some of the main ingredients and which phase they fall under!

Psyllium Husk- Ovulatory phase

Sunflower Seeds- Ovulatory phase

Chia Seeds- Ovulatory phase

Oats- Follicular phase

Sauerkraut Juice- Follicular phase

Flax Seeds- Follicular phase

Pumpkin Seeds- Follicular phase

Chlorella Powder- Follicular phase




3 tbsp. psyllium husk w/ 2 cups of water

1 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup pumpkin seeds

1/3 cup chia seeds

1/2 cup flax seeds

1 cup gf oats

4 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. fennel seeds

3 tbsp. sauerkraut juice

1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

1 tsp. salt


1/2 tsp. Reishi

1/2 tsp. Chlorella

1/2 tsp. Lion's Mane



Begin by soaking your seeds overnight (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, flax and oats in the sauerkraut juice)

In the morning, strain the water and place all your seeds in a bowl

Mix the psyllium husks in a bowl with 2 cups of water and let sit until it becomes gelatinous

Next, combine your seed mixture, psyllium husk, oil, your potions, vinegar, and kraut juice to taste

Salt as needed and place your batter in a loaf tin that has been oiled!

 Place your loaf in the oven at 350 degrees F and bake until moist but fully cooked, around 1 hour

I recommend slicing your toast, toasting it and lathering ghee on top with some avocado and seaweed flakes

It is so delicious for breakfast or lunch and is loaded with all the best nutrients for your body at this time of the cycle!

I recommend storing it in a brown paper bag in a cool dark place



"I am present with the beauty all around me, this is a reflection of my inner world."

Sophie Haber