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An adaptogenic take on lemonade to support immunity, longevity, and beauty. Made with freshly squeezed Meyer lemons, upgraded with nutrient-rich Moringa, and Pine Pollen, and sweetened with our Bio-active Honey - this recipe takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and makes the most refreshing, remineralizing summer elixir!





Lemonade, oh the perfect summertime treat!

This recipe is ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up…the kind to enjoy when you remember you don’t get a “summer recess" anymore, the one you make when you really want a stronger drink but it's too early in the day or when you really just need to make it through the rest of your meetings. This Longevity  Lemonade is packed with nourishing, energizing and refreshing ingredients to support a day of longevity- and can be prepared in advance for the week- this recipe is crafted to intentionally assist our internal systems with the use of superfoods like Moringa and adaptogens like Pine Pollen

This recipe utilizes Sun Potion's newest addition to the line, a raw, bio-active Marri Honey- which is twice as potent as the beloved Manuka honey and perfect as an alternative sweetener. The honey and the herbs work harmoniously together to create the concentrated base of this tart, honey-sweetened lemonade. 

Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are known as a sweeter variation of the citrus. They are perfect for baking with, dehydrating, zesting and most importantly, for making lemonade! Meyer lemons in particular contain high levels of Vitamin C and tons of antioxidants which work to support our immunity and our skin as we mature. Lemons are also known to aid in reducing free radical damage. Free radicals damage our healthy living cells and can cause “oxidative stress.” We can counteract this type of stress by eating foods packed with antioxidants, such as lemons. Lemons are also alkalizing for our bodies even though they are naturally an acidic food.



Moringa, known as the miracle leaf, is a wonderful plant that is native to mostly tropical and sub-tropical climates. Moringa is often used for women who need to increase their milk production for breastfeeding and is used medicinally in various countries where the trees are plentiful. Moringa tea contains a combination of potent antioxidants, such as Flavonoids, which help in inhibiting the effects of free radicals and contains Minerals such as: Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Selenium and Magnesium. Moringa leaves are most commonly used to make Moringa tea. This miracle leaf is often used to support metabolic and digestive health when consumed as a tea and has been studied for supporting high blood pressure levels. The taste of Moringa is algae-like but milder, a green, smooth powder that is great in both sweet and savory recipes. It can be transformed into a powerful salad dressing, added to enhance miso soup, incorporated into a matcha latte or in tonics, such as this lemonade.


Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen, oh the beloved adaptogen that is collected from the Mason Pine trees in the peak of their season. A perfect addition to a lemonade with its vibrant  bumblebee hue and subtle, gentle taste…also perfect when added to teas, especially Matcha and Genmaicha. Pine Pollen is often referred to as the tonic for hormonal balance and longevity. Pine Pollen is a balancer, it works to support our hormones- in both men and women, offering itself as a bio-available and dual-directional supportive tonic that can be taken frequently in small amounts. This special pollen has shown in many studies to aid in hormonal fluctuations that come with aging and possible imbalances in our bodies. Its main uses, besides hormonal support often include: metabolic support, enhancing immune response, a healthy libido, endurance and to aid in detoxification of the liver.

Pine Pollen is also a ‘Jing’ tonic. Jing, in other words simply means ‘our essence,’ our life force— which according to Chinese medicine, is stored in our kidneys. Some of the biggest strains on our Jing are hormonal — such as when women start their menstrual cycle, which is another reason Pine Pollen can support women during this time as Pine Pollen restores our Jing. More benefits of Pine Pollen include its nutrient-rich properties, containing minerals and enzymes as well as being rich in B-vitamins and amino acids. Pine Pollen is also rich in superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant that works to protect our cellular health and regeneration!

Super Honey (Bio-Active Marri 40+ Honey)

Listen to the girl

As she takes on half the world

Moving up and so alive

In her honey dripping beehive


It's good, so good, it's so good

So good

… Lyrics taken from a beloved band, Jesus and Mary Chain, describe my feelings about this superb honey just perfectly. This magical honey is known as Bio-Active Marri Honey and hails from Western Australia where the bee colonies thrive in pristine forests in the wilds of the west, in a unique bio-secure habitat. This honey has been used medicinally by the local Noongar Aboriginal people to support colds and immune deficiencies, sore throats, wound healing, healthier skin and simply, as a sweet nectar enjoyed by the spoonful. This honey is a potent and raw source that contains high levels of active oxygen, honoring this honey as ‘liquid gold.’ Its AHF (Active Honey Factor) is 40+ meaning its bio-available active oxygen content is 40%. The bioactive compounds in this honey work to support our body with antioxidants and encourage a healthier immune system. 

The honey as sweetener in this recipe is perfect as it balances the acidity and tartness of the Meyer lemons and is the ideal vehicle to consume and digest the herbs with! The concentrate of this lemonade can be stored in a mason jar and used not only for lemonade but in fruit-based desserts, iced tea and a high grade alcohol, ideally an agave spirit, to make a super lemonade longevity cocktail. 

Longevity Lemonade 


(serves 2-3)

6 meyer lemons

1 tsp. Moringa

2 tsp. Pine Pollen

4-5 tbsp. Bio-Active Marri Honey

2 tbsp. lukewarm water

16 oz. chilled H20



Juice all the lemons (remove seeds) and put into a liquid measuring cup

Add 4-5 tbsp. Marri Honey to the cup and stir gently (4 tbsp. for a more tart lemonade)

Add the Moringa and Pine Pollen to the mixture

Add the 2 tbsp. lukewarm water to melt the honey

Stir together to create a concentrate

Pour concentrate into cocktail shaker or mason jar and add water rest of the way, add a few cubes of ice and shake well

Pour into cups and add a bit more cold water if needed, with or without ice




Photos: Nikki Haun