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Raw, activated gluten-free granola spiked with matcha to keep you energized, focused and glowing all day and night!


I created this recipe for very simple reasons. I wanted to create a 100% guilt-free snack to support hormonal imbalances and sweet, sugary cravings.

Why add Matcha?

First, let’s be honest, I’m obsessed with Matcha... It is full of health benefits, is an antioxidant, it stimulates our metabolism, supports healthy immune systems—just to name a few properties of this green tea powder from Japan. Its depurative (herbs that are considered to have purifying and detoxifying effects) virtues release the skin of impurities. It is also rich in cachetin (from the polyphenol family), which promotes cellular renewal, while its antioxidant properties help the skin to oxygenate and cells to regenerate. In other words, Matcha is also a booster for supporting skin health as we mature.

Sun Potion White Dragon Matcha by the spoonful

Why raw granola?  

This granola is 100% raw and includes my favorite beauty food! This recipe is easy to make and to take on the go. It is rich in fiber, while also gluten-free and totally gourmet! The ingredients have been combined according to their nutritional value: buckwheat flakes are preferred because unlike oat flakes, they do not contain gluten. Matcha provides antioxidant benefits and the Himalayan pink salt ensures a supply of minerals. Once blended, these ingredients form a paste that is easy to use for either energy balls or as a topping on my coconut yogurt! (Recipe coming soon…)


10 medjool dates

1 cup buckwheat flakes

1 cup grated coconut

1 cup coconut chips

1 tsp. White Dragon Matcha

1 good pinch of pink Himalayan salt (rich in minerals) 


(Prep time: 10 minutes)

In a blender (i.e. NutriBullet or Vitamix), combine buckwheat, coconut, salt and 5 dates

Blend the ingredients until the dates begin to transform and agglomerate

Add the remaining dates and continue mixing (If the raw granola pieces stick to each other, gently shake the blender to separate them)

The mixture should resemble a “crumble like” texture

Pour the Raw Glow Granola into an airtight glass jar

Keep cool for up to 5 days…


You can enjoy it for your breakfast, a snack or just for the love of food!

A note from Sun Potion on our White Dragon Matcha…

This is a ground form of the exquisite green tea leaf, packed with nourishing properties that aim to support our immunity, skin and cognitive health. This Matcha is packed with antioxidants and contains properties which may help fight the damaging effects of free radicals on the body. Damage caused by free radicals affects our cells and DNA, so fighting these harmful effects caused by things such as pollution, radiation, and UV damage is powerful! This green tea powder is also a source of chlorophyll, as it helps our bodies to detox chemicals and heavy metals. It contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that creates alpha waves, a brainwave category which occurs when you are in a state of rest or meditation. Yet Matcha also contains caffeine, meaning it gives you a boost while still helping maintain a sense of calmness without the crash. 

This White Dragon Matcha is shade-grown in naturally-cultivated soil, free from pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers, using only water, shade cloth, some straw and leaves for mulch, and the power of the sun. The farm is located in the town of Nara, Japan, on a forested mountainside, where minimal agricultural practices help give character and life to the beautiful tea-trees of which we are in deepest gratitude for.