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"Embracing a new life living nomadically has inspired me to discover new ways of creating a feeling of stability wherever I go. Allowing yourself to feel relaxed with your environment will ease your mind, body, and spirit." - Andrea Ochoa

The ultimate Matcha recipe for travel, a local, biodynamic farm-to-table restaurant, chic organic juice bars and cafes, an alcohol-free bar, infrared sauna spot complete superfood moon milks and more.... Andrea Ochoa has created an epic guide to bring your London experience to the next level!

Whether you are trying your best to beat jet lag or simply recovering from a quick flight, our bodies take on a lot of stress while traveling. It can be easy to fall out of routine when we are out of our regularly programmed lives, which is why it is important to stay grounded so that we can be fully present to soak in the beauty of new cultures, people and places.

Embracing a new life living nomadically has inspired me to discover new ways of creating a feeling of stability wherever I go. Allowing yourself to feel relaxed with your environment will ease your mind, body, and spirit to feel safe to relax and deeply regenerate so that you can be at full force the next day. Checking in and being connected with ourselves even when on vacation or away from home will create a deep sense of home within your heart, this will create vital energy to fully show up for life. 

Incorporating the right herbs to support you while traveling will be a game-changer in getting the most of where you are when exploring a new place and can be easy with travel size options. Swapping coffee and creating a morning ritual of preparing an energizing vital potion will set the perfect foundation for a long day of moving around a new city. The holy grail for long-lasting stable energy is Matcha. This potent plant is powered with anti-oxidants which supports your immune system to fight off anything holding you back and will keep you vital throughout the day. The added bonus of Mucuna Pruriens, the magic bean aids in producing more dopamine to the brain. It can be totally normal to feel off when being in a new environment - with the help of dopamine you will feel more relaxed and less stress or anxiety.

Another tip to do to make the potion ritual easier is to do your research to find healthy spots that make uplifting potions and tonics. Below I share my top picks of potion places in London!


London Potion City Guide

Farmacy London  $$$

74-76 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH, UK

On top of my list and must when visiting. Located in the upscale Notting Hill, this beautiful modern chic restaurant has an extensive menu of healing foods and drinks. All of their fruits, herbs and vegetables are biodynamic and grow on a farm outside of London in the Kent countryside. Ingredients that are biodynamic are grown in harmony with consciousness to the earth and its cycles. It is more than organic, it is a method of growing food with the rhythms of the earth to disrupt as little as possible. Try the syringe shots, I often start my day with the Fire Starter.

Glow Bar  $$ - $$$

70 Mortimer St. Marylebone, London W1W 7RY, UK

The ultimate wellness destination in Central London to escape buzzing London. This adaptogenic elixir bar and infrared sauna salon is decorated in all pink and has the most delicious superfood infused moon milks. If you want to sweat out the toxins of travel, book an infrared sauna session in advance.

Photo: Glow Bar

East London Juice Co.  $$

100 Shoreditch High St., Hackney, London E1 6JQ, UK

Right in the heart of trendy Shoreditch, this is my go-to when I am in a rush. A small window juice shop connected to the Ace Hotel that offers heart crafted botanical combinations made with organic ingredients. Tonics, juices, elixirs, broths and healing quick bites. A bonus for mindful packaging of the glass containers you can take away with you.

Photo: East London Juice Co.

Redemption Bar $$$

Shoreditch & Notting HIll Locations

A cozy spot for a creative twist on health and London's first alcohol-free bar. Here you can get a wide range of super-powered handcrafted non-alcoholic mocktails and elixirs. Guilt-free and feel-good indulgence.

Photo: Redemption Bar

Palm Vaults  $$

411 Mare St., London E8 1HY, UK

Small hipster cafe in Hackney with retro-inspired decor, lush hanging plants, velvet booths and splashes of pink make you never want to leave. Sip on an array of pink, blue, lavender or yellow drinks infused with superfoods. Feel free to indulge in their delicious and beautiful desserts!

Photo: Palm Vaults


Vitality Matcha Magic Potion


1/2 cup coconut milk or any plant-based milk

1 tsp. White Dragon Matcha

1/2 tsp. Mucuna Pruriens

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. cacao butter 

1 tsp. honey or natural sweetener

bee pollen



Bring milk to boil

Bring water to boil

Mix the powdered ingredients

Combine milk and water

Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender

Top with bee pollen

Serve cold or hot and enjoy