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Contributor: Sofiia Manousha

 “All of the magical ingredients to feast, fill up with nutrients and nourish your skin from the inside out to give you that radiant and hydrated look (that we all want, let’s be honest) ... Even better, this recipe is 100% guilt free, as in NO sugar."

- Sofiia Manousha

This probiotic, adaptogen rich smoothie is easy to digest yet full of nutrients to sustain high energy levels throughout the day and support radiant health from the inside out! 

A note from Sofiia

I created this potion because I'm a total fan of smoothies! I also wanted this recipe to be not only easy to digest, but a gourmet breakfast that gives me a boost of energy for my Barre Shape classes. From a physiological point of view, it is best to start the day with healthy fats. Eating fat in the morning lowers our insulin levels because when they are deprived of their fuel they will go directly into our stored fat (yes, this means if you eat fat in the morning, it triggers weight loss).

This recipe combines all of the magical ingredients to feast, fill up with nutrients and nourish your skin from the inside out to give you that radiant and hydrated look (that we all want, let’s be honest) ...Even better, this recipe is 100% guilt free, as in NO sugar.  With this “Beautyfuel Radiant Smoothie,” I'm definitely not hungry before lunch time. 

Ingredients and Benefits:

Avocado is the fruit highest in good lipidsOmega 9 works to reduce the cholesterol levels, and is also rich in vitamin C and E. A half of avocado in this morning smoothie is just perfect!

like to add a teaspoon of my Cocoyo which is a coconut yogurt fermented with probiotics that I make myself! It is excellent for harmonizing the intestinal flora, while also making the smoothie creamier... (almond milk or vegan coconut yogurt work well here too as substitutes).

A large spoon of almond butter (unsweetened) for its rich antioxidantsOmega 3's, magnesium and biotin (which are essential for nail, hair and skin health). 

Raw cacao in the pre-menstrual period can help reduce fatigue, cravings and crampsRaw cacao is one of the richest foods in antioxidants, magnesium, iron, polyphenol and sulfur. Likewise, raw cocoa helps regenerate collagen and keratin, both ideal for skin radiance, nails and hair.  

Sun Potion Pearl as a source of minerals including calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and amino acids. This Pearl Powder is rich in antioxidants and helps support the body's natural collagen production. The BEST beauty superfood from the inside out.  

Optional: Add some Matcha (for even more glow and antioxidants) 

The White Dragon Matcha  by Sun Potion is rich in antioxidants, may boost metabolism and support healthy blood sugar levels, it is also anti-inflammatory and contains anti-aging properties! I absolutely love it, I only need to use a little bit to feel benefits from it...

Beautyfuel Radiant Smoothie


1/2 an avocado

1 1/2 cups young coconut water

1 tsp. fermented vegan coconut yogurt (can substitute with almond milk)

1 heaping tsp. almond butter, unsweetened

1 tsp. raw cacao powder

1/2 tsp. Sun Potion Pearl

small pinch Himalayan pink salt 

(option to add...)

 1/4 tsp. Sun Potion White Dragon Matcha

1 Medjool date

4-10 raw cacao beans

dash of hemp seeds



Put all ingredients in in blender (Vitamix) for 30 to 40 seconds! 

Sprinkle some raw cacao beans on top (for even more superfood power) and hemp seeds (for some additional protein) 


My favorite BeautyFuel Radiant Breakfast!

Sending you love, light and Beautyfuel vibes


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Sofiia Manousha

Actress and founder of the Holistic Beauty Website My BeautyFuel food

Since I was a child, I always got the feeling that food played a major part in our skin, health, and level of energy.   

My BeautyFuel Food was born from my love for the plant-based diet, superfoods, and the desire to democratize it. I wanted it to be delicate, sexy, easy and generous! Healthy diets do not imply starvation and dieting by only eating seeds and drinking green juices. It is a way to be fully aware of what you are giving to your body: vibrant and unprocessed food. I aspire to, as I said before, give a new vision of the plant-based diet. I want it to be simple, easy and accessible. I am really not into diets or food restrictions, it’s actually quite the opposite. I believe in intuitive, generous, tasty and vibrant food. Beauty is a combination of different factors: skincare, lifestyle and food. 

Love Sofiia Manousha 

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