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Nurture Your Nature Retreat: A Recap with Aimee Binder & Melissa Schwimmer

We are so thrilled to have been included as a sponsor for the Nurture Your Nature Retreat hosted by the incredible duo: Aimee Binder & Melissa Schwimmer. Take a peak inside their Joshua Tree weekend escape and learn more about their offerings!

The Nurture Your Nature retreat was the love child of myself and my beautiful friend Aimee. We connected many moons ago over feeding each other fruit, moving our bodies through yoga, and what she’s reflected to me as “incredible eye contact.” We put our super powers together, Aimee’s being yoga, breathwork and meditation and mine being healing through food, and thus Nurture your Nature was born.

The retreat was everything we could have asked for and more. It was held in Joshua Tree where we were immersed in full bloom and full sunshine. We had an incredibly aligned group of 8 light beings that showed up to be open, to grow and to transform their limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs. Aimee led yoga classes, yoga Nidra, breathing exercises and a nervous system regulation workshop. Woven between Aimee’s practices I taught herbalism, food as medicine and intuitive eating workshops all while feeding our guests enriching and nourishing meals.

With the help of Sun Potion’s Chaga, Reishi and Lion’s Mane we were able to teach about the resiliency of mushrooms and allow our guests to try these functional plant medicines. We enjoyed smoothies, teas, chia pudding, and cacao with the mushrooms incorporated which certainly lent a hand in opening and engaging full presence throughout the weekend. Between our scheduled content came silliness, dancing, playfulness, uncontrollable laughter, cuddle puddles and bonding. A group of strangers became family. We ended the weekend with a practice of receiving love that was deeply profound and powerful.

What we witnessed was warming, thoughtful, and brought many of us to tears, Aimee and myself included. It was beautiful to see strangers and new friends alike speak so highly of one another and bring such genuine, heartfelt and insightful reflections to one another. This retreat was so memorable and truly a unique container. It was also our first retreat held together but certainly will not be our last.