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From Chlorella for detox to Shea Butter for hydrated, glowing skin - Melissa Richards shares a potent roundup on how to stay balanced from take off to landing.  Whether traveling for business or pleasure, these tips will help you feel nourished and radiant throughout it all.

I work for a beauty start-up that requires a fair amount of traveling. Personally, I find that when I travel a lot my energy levels go down, my digestion is off and my skin and body feel the most dehydrated, so I’m always looking for ways to feel good even on the go. 

I most recently traveled to the West Coast on a very quick trip with my colleague and we brought our ritual wellness goodies with us to keep us balanced and at ease.

During and after the flight I drink plenty of water, disinfect all the seats, and make sure to moisturize my face and feet with some Shea Butter. I also take Juna CBD because I tend to get nervous on flights if there is any turbulence. CBD also helps with inflammation in the body which you tend to get from sitting for long periods of time as well as any stress that may arise during travels. 

In order to keep my body and mind balanced, I follow these steps/rituals during and after my travels to keep my body feeling light and my mind sharp.

Drink plenty of water

I like to add a teaspoon of Chlorella to water or any liquids I have during this time. Chlorella binds heavy metals out of the body and is a great post flight detoxifier. Make sure you are getting at least 1L of water in your body during flight.


It is an essential part of avoiding jet lag and feeling bloated. You want to get your body to sweat and get the blood flowing. I love to do some sun salutations or go on a quick jog because it requires no equipment and it is a successful way to sweat out toxins. It also keeps the mind sharp! 

Image courtesy of Melissa Richards


I add a few drops of colloidal silver if I feel like I am catching a cold or sickness from my travels.

Image courtesy of Melissa Richards

Moisturize the body inside and out

I like to take a natural salt bath (I use Pursoma) and I add a tea spoon of Sun Potion Green Adaptogen which contains Chlorella, I add to that same bath or I jump in the ocean if I’m near a beach to receive the healing benefits of nature. I follow my ritual by applying Sun Potion Shea Butter to my skin and sometimes I like to add it to my feet with a pair of socks on before bed.

Image courtesy of Melissa Richards

 Support with travel-size adaptogens

I carry my travel Yin Power everywhere. It keeps my skin healthy, my hormones balanced, and my immune system strong. I usually use this first thing in the morning for optimal results.

Voila. You’re all set. 

Have a safe trip!

A note from Sun Potion on Green Adaptogen...

A blend of organic Suma Root, organic sound-cracked Chlorella (algae), and organic Maca Root, working together to help promote healthy, sustained energy levels, strengthen the immune system, and promote overall well-being. Chlorella is an algae that is a building block of the freshwater food chain. It contains essential fatty acids and may help with gentle detoxification of heavy metals. Rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, this algae may also help lover cholesterol levels. The Chlorella in this blend has a sound frequency cracked cell wall, making it more bioavailable for maximum benefits.

Suma is an amazing rainforest plant, whose root is used for many healing benefits. It is adaptogenic, may support hormones, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, increase libido, and oxygenate cells, just to name a few. It is widely called para toda in South America, meaning "for all things," because of its wide array of benefits. It contains many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and has 19 different amino acids and a large amount of electrolytes.

Maca is a Peruvian plant which grows in the central Andes mountains. It contains several important vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B6, Iron, Copper, Magnese, as well as protein and fiber. It may help to balance stress levels and fight fatigue, boost energy, and has been reputed to enhance sex drive, increase fertility in men, and may help relieve symptoms of menopause. It may also boost energy and mood, and may promote healthy memory and brain function.

Image by Nikki Haun, Courtesy of Sun Potion

 If you enjoyed this piece by Melissa, click here for an interview she had with Pursoma founder Shannon Vaughn.

Melissa Richards

Melissa S. Richards is a creative and marketing consultant with a demonstrated history of work in the beauty-wellness and fitness industry. Her ability to operate a wide range of marketing roles has made her a trusted voice in the global wellness market. Some of her clients include The Sacred Space Miami, Sun Potion, Sakara Life, de la heart, & Dark Horse Organic. 

When she is not busy helping small brands creatively plan their digital marketing, you can find Melissa traveling, making art, practicing yoga, or cooking her favorite plant-based meals from home. She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but you can find her bouncing monthly between Miami & NYC for client visits. Melissa's goal is to find a deep connection between what she loves & work. You can reach her at