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“I wanted to share the rituals that I had created for myself of unplugging from the modern world, with others like me who needed some peace of mind and healing at home.”
- Shannon Vaughn
Founder of Pursoma, Mama, New Yorker, and Self Healing Master

In this interview Melissa Richards and Shannon Vaughn discuss NYC, following your heart, wellness practices (we love her Prash + bathtime ritual) and  the power of healthy dose of disconnect from the modern world.

Interviewed by Melissa Richards

A note from Melissa on her interview with Shannon

I was drawn to Shannon after meeting her through the wellness community in Miami. I began using her baths post work out to regenerate my energy and replenish my body. Her story was very inspirational to me. Shannon started making bath detox formulas after moving back to the U.S from the middle east. She was suffering from PTSD after living in a war zone and was also diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that could prevent her from having children. She didn’t want to live her entire life on medication constantly having to put her own health on somebody else’s hands, so she created Pursoma. Pursoma comes from the word Pur (french for Pure), and Soma, an Ayurvedic term meaning transformation of the self. 

Shannon created this product with the mission and belief that health is a birthright, and by raising awareness of self care, we can achieve a healthier life.

I use all of the Pursoma baths. They are all remedies made to relieve different things. For a post yoga soak I like to use Apres Savasana. This soak has notes of Ho wood, Frankincense, and Cedar Wood which are all relaxing and grounding scents, the Ho wood in the bath also helps to relax sore muscles. All the baths have french grey sea salt. It’s like taking a quick dip in the ocean, without having to go to the beach. You get all the benefits of the salt by soaking for 20-30 minutes. Your body rehydrates, remineralizes, and detoxes all at the same time. 


(Harvesting French Grey Sea Salt that goes into Pursoma Bath Soaks)


Melissa: Shannon, thank you so much for taking time to sit with me on this Wednesday morning. I know you are a very busy gal! You live in one of the most amazing and also busiest cities in the world. What brought you here?

Shannon: Well, I was living in Washington DC, studying medicine at Georgetown in the complimentary alternative medicine program and was dating my boyfriend in NYC. I withdrew from the program to be with him but also to start my wellness company. A lot of crossover had happened in NYC from fashion to beauty and there were lots of interesting things happening around natural beauty, indie beauty brands and start up environments. I wanted to share the rituals that I had created for myself for unplugging from the modern world, with others like me who needed some peace of mind and healing at home.

Melissa: That is a huge move. DC and New York are two different animals. They are both big cities, with completely different personalities. How did you handle that?

Shannon: When I moved to NYC I had severe sensory overload. I went from a small cobblestone street in Georgetown, to living in downtown NYC. Noises, sirens, and people where part of the overwhelming concrete jungle that now surrounded my day to day life. I did a lot of work around taking supplements and flower essences to calm my nerves (this was pre CBD era) and I figured out a healthy way to decompress and take the edge off each night by making sure I had the tools for a restful sleep, hence the Pursoma beauty wellness ritual was born.

Bathe. Hydrate. Sweat. Rest.

Of course this is all part of a bigger conversation about detoxing. What we consume, who we surround ourselves with, everything plays a part in our well-being.

Melissa: What is your favorite potion to make?

Shannon: Tocos - Jasmine in my coffee. A delicious soft take on a good cup of coffee.

Melissa: Do you have a go-to daytime/nighttime routine that you don't stray from?

Shannon: I drink 3 liters of water a day, we are launching a beauty water bottle so that you can make sure to get your required daily dose of water. I limit my coffee intake, drink green tea daily, and exercise or find some way to sweat every day.

I have a 10 minute mediation practice, cut down from 20, but I am still trying to get back in there for the 20….

I do a full skin care routine in the AM with serums and Vitamin C powder, and then the same routine at night but with heavier oils for sleeping.

My nighttime routine consist of a bath, even in the summer. I like to sweat off the day, it clears out my mind and headspace and 100% helps me sleep. I do a detox bath and hydrate afterwards then I am able to leave my phone aside. It prevents me from wanting to work before bed. I am more inclined after the detox soak to pick up something that is relaxing like a good book that is philosophical and gives me interesting dreams. I think that the stage of being asleep but your mind is awake is so interesting as part of a wellness routine, relaxing the body and the mind being able to freely dream without eternal stimulation is very invigorating to reflect on when you wake up.

Melissa: Do you think you are more aware of this unplugging we all need to do more off after starting a wellness brand?

Shannon: I am 100% aware. I love the screen time app on the iPhone that shows if I have slowed down or used more connection. I also find that this routine at night which we termed Bedtime to Bath Time™ is the most amazing way to get yourself to sleep and wake up felling refreshed.

Melissa: Anything you can’t live without?

Shannon: I am not sure that is up to me… but what gives me the most joy in life is my family.

Melissa: A quote to live by:

Shannon: By Aristole, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” It was my quote in my 8th grade yearbook.

Melissa: What is alive in your life right now?

Shannon: My brain…Ha. I just went to a 10 day mediation retreat that heightened all my senses.

Melissa: Perfect ritual to make time stand still:

Shannon: A swim in the ocean after a long run. Bliss.

Melissa: Words to live by when things fall apart:


All things will change and pass into something else, nothing stays the same.

Melissa: Most beautiful place on earth?

Shannon: The middle of the Teton National Park outside Jackson, Wyoming.

Thank you Shannon !

Unplugging ritual + A Floral Prash Potion from Shannon Vaughn


Prepare your at home sanctuary: make it beautiful and relaxing so you can take time for yourself, with yourself

Unplug (put the world on airplane mode)

Prepare your potion: 2tbsp. floral buds (we like to use dried rose buds), 1 tbsp. Prash (for taste and remineralization of the body), 1 tsp. honey~~ Stir together in warm water in your favorite mug

Draw a hot bath (as hot as you can take for maximum detox and relaxation benefits)

Add entire pack of bath ingredients (mineral salts, flowers, aromatherapy...)

Soak in tub 20 - 30 minutes

Take care of yourself -- Hydrate by drinking water the entire time

After bathing, wrap yourself in a yummy robe

Sweat. Sleep. Rest. Detox.


Photos courtesy of Shannon Vaughn