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"Love yourself enough to indulge in a deep slumber to fly into pleasant dreams and full relaxation."

- Andrea Ochoa

A restful sleep can do more for your body than you might imagine. Beam your system with restoration and love with Andrea’s relaxing playlist and deliciously-soothing night time potion....

Sound quality sleep allows us to have a grounded fresh perspective of life. Nourishment of our minds and bodies through deep delicious sleep is the foundation that gives us the chance to reconnect to our true essence. Getting enough sleep allows us to show up and step into our power because it supports improvement in all areas of our lives. Love yourself enough to indulge in a deep slumber to fly into pleasant dreams and full relaxation. This will create a refreshed and energetic body to embrace your full potential of vibrating happiness and all the magic that you are. 

Ditch melatonin and indulge in this multi-sensorial sleep potion and ritual to support and allow the body to enter in deep relaxation for a long restful night while rejuvenating your skin, mind, and body.

The sweet fragrant smell of calming lavender embraces your senses, slowing your heartbeat and relaxing the muscles. Tocos nourishes your skin and removes toxins while you sleep for a radiant morning glow. The power of mineral-rich Pearl aids to rebuild the body by strengthening the bones, supporting the nervous system and promoting deeper sleep cycles. Superpowered Mucuna Pruriens stimulates dopamine function and helps in maintaining deep sleep.

To fully begin to enter this state of sleep through all your senses I have put together a soothing mix that will allow you to let go and ease your mind and thoughts.


Sleepsound Night Cap Mix



Begin by getting into your comfiest pajamas and put your phone on airplane mode.

Next, create the nourishing sleep potion.  

Create a warm environment with a dim light. Spray your linens and pillows with lavender to create a calming sensorial night bubble. You can even put some essential oil on your wrists and the bottom of your feet. Add any other smells that calm you, like incense, palo santo or sage.

Settle into bed and turn the mix on. You can also begin by journaling and/or reading and then just lay down and relax. Allow the sounds to take you on a journey into dreamland. 

Night Cap Beauty Potion



1/2 cup of plant-based milk 

1/2 cup of chamomile tea, valerian root, lavender tea

1/2 tsp. of Pearl

 1 tbsp. of Tocos

1 tsp. of Mucuna Pruriens

1 serving of passionflower extract 

2 drops of lavender oil 

1 tsp. of honey 

pinch of bee pollen (to top)




Bring milk to boil

Bring water to boil

Mix tea leaves and put in tea bag

Leave tea bag in water for 3 - 5 minutes

Combine milk and water

Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender

Top with bee pollen

Serve and enjoy