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"We took time in the space of the heart and imagined this lush green garden full of places to plant seeds....The connection was so strong that some tears were shed, many felt an internal release and just allowed to let go and let flow. It was powerful." 

Gabi Torres, on her recent experience leading an adaptogenic Cacao ceremony for a group of magical women. Read on for her heart-opening recipes and rituals....

A note from Sun Potion

Artist, Art Therapist, and Yogi, Gabi Torres shares the latest from a Cacao ceremony she held last month in the shop Carvana, a store filled with clothing collections made from natural fabrics, located in the Miami Design District. We have modified the original version of the cacao recipe to include an alternative version using our Anandamide blend, a crafted batch of adaptogens and tonic herbs with Raw Cacao.

The intention behind Gabi's Cacao Ceremony...

 Brewing the cacao in my McKenzie checkered pot made me feel so witchy. I felt that I was creating something magickal and in fact the brew did have special powers. The journey to brewing the perfect Cacao blend was exciting and tasty; it really is up to you what spices, herbs, and ingredients call you to be added to your Cacao. If using Sun Potion's Anandamide, the Cacao is already blended with a thoughtful combination of tonic herbs and spices to inspire the blissful state of Ananda upon eating.* Cacao has been used in ancient rituals as a natural method to open and connect to one's heart. It connects you to the energy of your heart and opens a pathway of expression and feeling.

I was brewing this Cacao to serve to some Miami goddesses who came to join me on a Saturday night (during Miami Music Week) and explore themselves through an ancient ritual. We first began the ceremony with connecting to a Goddess that was placed on each cushion together with a flower. We followed this with a meditative sipping of the cacao in which we closed our eyes and tasted and experienced the cacao with a deep breathe in between each sip. This practice allowed us to fully feel and experience the process of intaking this sacred medicine. From there we transitioned into a meditation in which I allowed spirit to flow through me and guide us into what became a journey through our energetic spaces within: the chakras. We felt into the energy of each chakra space and explored the colors, we took time in the space of the heart and imagined this lush green garden full of places to plant seeds, healing energy and the energy of newness which the color green, associated with the heart chakra, brings forward to us. The connection was so strong that some tears were shed, many felt an internal release and just allowed to let go and let flow. It was powerful. 

After the meditation we each shared the Goddesses that we received and it was amazing to hear how each person really had blindly chosen the Goddess that resonated so well within this moment of their life. It was amazing how, although not everybody knew each other, everybody felt comfortable to share the truth of our lives and relate to one another honestly. It felt supportive and strong. The energy of the Earth (cacao) connected with Spirit (meditation) moved us through different spaces we needed to feel. In a world where sometimes feeling feelings is frowned upon, finding the space to not only connect to the feeling in a unique way through ritual, but also to share, be understood while surrounded by beauty and crystals, was magick.

We have the ability to connect to this magick wherever we are.

The Cacao Tonic


(serves 30)

1 entire gallon of oat mylk (I used brand Oatly)

1/2 bag of Cacao or Anandamide (cacao blended w tonic herbs)

2 tbsp. of Yin Power (for a balanced system)

1/4 a bag of Jasmine Tocos (for creaminess)

3 tbsp. of Manuka Honey

cinnamon to taste*

nutmeg to taste*

a pinch of cayenne pepper*

*if using Anandamide, which includes a blend of cayenne, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, black pepper, and Himalayan salt - feel free to use less of the additional spices in your brew, do what you enjoy most!




Stir all of the ingredients into a pot and serve to your guests





Create Space

Light a candle

Sage and clear the energy, perhaps bring near to you your favorite crystals or a rose quartz, and connect to the energy of love

Throw on a chill playlist (This is the one that I used) 

 Meditative Sipping


~ sip ~


~ sip ~ 


Give yourself the space to sit and breathe, connect to your heart, to your body, your emotions, your soul

 Self Expression 

A verbal sharing with someone special or a written sharing with yourself

A moment of creative writing of allowing that connection to your heart to pour out


*Currently, on our original raw cacao is not available but we do have our Anandamide, raw cacao blend available which would also be great for this recipe. For our original raw cacao, check our store locator to see if a brick + mortar near you has on their shelves!