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This month we are highlighting women in wellness who inspire us and bring so much knowledge, joy and intention into the world of well-being. Every week this month we will be sharing an interview with one of them, learning more about their work, projects, recipes and visions for the future!

This week we are featuring Sofiia Manousha, founder of holistic beauty site My Beautyfuel Food and one of the amazing contributors to the Sun Potion Journal since its inception! Sofiia’s incredible plant-based recipes and tonic potions have been a community favorite over the years. We invite you to read our interview and enjoy some of her recipes... including Pearl + Rose Almond Milk, Chocolate Chaga Latte and Beautyfuel Radiant Smoothie!

What is your connection to holistic wellness and how did you get started on your personal wellness journey?

My name is Sofiia Manousha. I'm a French Parisian actress / model / director and entrepreneur. I'm the founder of the French wellness website Mybeautyfuel food.

I've always felt that we have a connection between the inside and the outside. When I was a kid, my intuition was very strong about this, and starting my career as an actress I needed to find peace inside, balance and well-being. Ten years ago I was the weird girl on set, now everybody is happy when I share my recipes and tips. It's amazing. Spreading love with sharing — I love that. I believe that food is a part of your wellness. Taking care of your body as a temple is my everyday journey.

We love My Beautyfuel Food and all of your amazing recipes, tips and resources! Can you tell us more about this project?

My Beautyfuel was born after a long immune system disease. I needed to have a reason to my life and share my experience in a positive way. My beautyfuel food is my lifestyle and my philosophy of wellness: Intuitive Living.

Do you have any other projects in the works or does My Beautyfuel Food currently have your full focus?

Yes! I’m actress and director. I am also a model, so wellness is my balance in my crazy life. Hahah

What does your (current) morning routine look like?

Im definitely a morning person. Waking up around 7, I go directly in my bathroom and I scratch my tongue with a tongue cleanser, I dry brush my body and then I use my gua sha. After that I drink plenty of water. I have a 20 minute yoga / pilates flow / mediation associated with some Stomach Vaccum exercises. Then I make a green juice (parsley / lemon / celery / ginger) and I read or write. Around 9 a.m. I make my mushroom coffee ( soaked cashew / Reishi / Pearl powder / organic coffee on my Vitamix) and finally I take on my phone. I stay away from screens until 9 a.m.

If and when you have a moment to yourself, how do you honor your mind and body? Are there any practices that support you in moments of stress?

I'm a nature lover, so every weekend with my boyfriend we hike. That's my therapy... I also love drawing.

Who is on your evening playlist right now?

Listening to Claude Fontaine, Ètta James and Odetta. Also, my boyfriend plays guitar and I play piano. We love playing music together. 

Do you have a favorite Sun Potion herb?

Ohhhhh yes!!!!! Pearl powder, He Shou Wu, Reishi and Chaga!!!! All in my morning coffee or cacao latte... also the Matcha and Yin Power.

What is your favorite tonic drink/potion?

My adaptogenic coffee (soaked cashew/ organic coffee/ Reishi/ Maca ) in the morning. It’s my heaven.

What is your go-to meal to cook at home?

My Beautyfuel Salad: raw mushrooms, lettuce, mixture of raw carrots / ground pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds with a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, one boiled egg and my tahini sauce with your Moringa powder — I love it. And also my Raw Cacao Reishi Brownies.

Where is your favorite place to travel to, or a place that you look forward to visiting?

Of course Morocco, my heart belongs to my country. Also, anywhere I can dive into nature and the ocean and be inspired.

Any tips for maintaining a clean beauty lifestyle?

Don't overthink it, choose products with a clean label and minimum ingredients... Less is more is the best skin care. But first: sleep, drink water, and laugh a lot!


Sofiia's Recipes on the Sun Potion Journal

Images Courtesy of Sofiia Manousha | Feature Image by @bizanceparis

Sofiia Manousha

Actress and Founder of the Holistic Beauty Website My BeautyFuel food

Since I was a child, I always got the feeling that food played a major part in our skin, health, and level of energy. My BeautyFuel food was born from my love for the plant based diet, superfoods, and the desire to democratize it. I wanted it to be delicate, sexy, easy and generous! Healthy diets do not imply starvation and dieting by only eating seeds and drinking green juices. It is a way to be fully aware of what you are giving to your body: vibrant and unprocessed food. I aspire to, as I said before, give a new vision of the plant-based diet. I want it to be simple, easy and accessible. I am really not into edits or food restrictions, it’s actually quite the opposite. I believe in intuitive, generous, tasty, and vibrant food. Beauty is a combination of different factors: skincare, lifestyle and food.

Love Sofiia Manousha