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 On the journal today, Cathryn Fowler shares a warming and filling Fermented Fig + Pecan Harvest Oatmeal that not only tastes delicious but your digestive system will love it too. With gut-healing coconut kefir filled with pre- and probiotics and our rare + medicinal Bio-Active Honey, the nourishing breakfast will become your new wellness staple.

Mindful Mornings

Each morning is a new opportunity to wake up with intention, excitement and gratitude. It’s an opportunity to plant new seeds into our subconscious mind (which is influenced by our habitual thoughts & behaviors). And this is true even if you think “I’m not there yet” with your life, circumstances and surroundings.

I used to be that person. I used to always wait until I was “there yet” to celebrate moments. I would wait for the “perfect moment” to fully enjoy life’s pleasures. (Type 4 idealist here!)

Eventually, though, I realized that “perfect moment” never quite came. I was too busy living in the future and ignoring all the little “perfect moments” of the present, occurring right in front of me.

Now is the only time we have, and now is the perfect moment to be grateful - even if we’re not living our “ideal” life (which is all perspective anyways). You may not be where you want to be with your health, you may not live in your dream home that you have saved on Pinterest and you may not do your optimal job (yet!)….but, there’s still so so much to be grateful for in the present.

And eventually that inner gratitude & happiness will project radiantly to the outside, shifting your perspective to see the beauty, curiosity and wonder happening all around you. Which is a rather lovely, lovely way to live.

Because it’s the world within, thoughts, imaginations and feelings…that make the world on the outside.

The morning is the perfect time to begin this engagement of mindfully living, because the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. And if you get in a good habit with your morning, day after day, it will become easier and more natural. Eventually, you’ll effortlessly reap the results.

My Routine & Planting the Seeds

Each step in my morning routine was formed to plant a seed for the rest of my day, for laying ground for me to feel my best physically and mentally…to have my best day, despite my circumstance.

Because no matter what I’m going through, each day I want to experience peace, happiness, good will & prosperity. Or at least maintain the intention to do so, because let’s be honest, I’m not there all the time. (And that’s perfectly ok too!)

So each morning, I plant intentional thoughts of joy & peace to water my mind garden. I eat a nourishing breakfast to feed my brain & body garden with clarity and energy. And, I do very simple actions aimed to help those seeds blossom and grow throughout the day. Eventually, after doing this morning after morning, I reap a bountiful and beautiful harvest of joy, health and gratitude.

And that’s exactly the kind of harvest I want everyone to enjoy.

It all just starts with an intention, then repetition to form a habit, then physical manifestation.

And sticking with the theme of planting seeds and reaping the rewards of the harvest, here’s an idea for a delicious, nourishing harvest-inspired breakfast:

Fermented Fig & Pecan Harvest Oatmeal


1 cup rolled oats (I like One Degree Organics)

1/4 coconut kefir (I used homemade, instructions here but you can also use a high quality store bought!) 

3/4 cup water

handful chopped dried figs

handful pecans

Add-ins after ferment:

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp. Ceylon cinnamon

Sun Potion Bio-Active Raw Honey**

nut butter or ghee

optional adaptogens:

(I love Astragalus in this)*

optional to serve with (but really delicious!) -  a thick creamy yogurt like Coyo or a fresh pour of nondairy milk - this also helps mellow out the tang from the fermentation. Sometimes, I also like to put a scoop of Nuzest natural pea protein in there too

*I like Astragalus in this recipe to plant seeds of energy & protection for the day, especially wonderful during the seasonal transition to fall and winter

**I absolutely love this honey! I drizzle it on my oatmeal to plant seeds of a healthy & happy body and mind. It’s raw, unheated and quite potent nutrition and “medicine.” And, of course, it’s utterly delicious!



Mix the oats, figs and pecans with the coconut kefir and water. Cover with a tea towel and leave to ferment in a warm location overnight or for up to 2 days. I left it in my oven with the light turned on (the oven itself was off)**

After 24-48 hours, mix in your salt, cinnamon, adaptogens, nut butter and raw honey

Best enjoyed with a dollop of creamy nondairy yogurt or a pour of nondairy milk on top. You can also gently heat it up on the stove with a little bit of extra water, nondairy milk or even nettle tea


**If you don’t like too much of a tang, you can always add your figs after the fermentation of the oats. Otherwise, the natural sugar from the fruits will ferment with your oats and it can be a little too tangy for some.  Serving the final dish with some nondairy milk or thick creamy yogurt will help mellow the tang





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Cathryn Fowler

Cathryn Fowler is an animation artist and filmmaker specializing in food as medicine and natural beauty. When your love language is gift-giving, you find ways to make your day-day life revolve around sharing. And for me, that’s sharing nutrition/mindset education, encouragement, and a healing community via my 1:1 consultations and video work. Everyone deserves to live in their fullest, joyful potential. And I just like to creatively share ideas of ways to get there.

...Also, eats chocolate for breakfast everyday. Pretty sure that’s why I’m 
so happy all the time.