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Amanda Blair shares her love for our Bio-Active Honey and how she incorporates this liquid gold into her wellness + beauty routines. Used for thousands of years as a powerful healing agent, honey has many medicinal, healing and beautifying benefits when in its raw, unheated and unpasteurized form. Our rare + precious Bio-Active Honey holds an array of healing benefits and today, Amanda shares with us how to use it for utter vitality and overall well-being.

The medicinal properties of honey have been used in civilizations around the world for centuries. The ancient Egyptians used honey as an offering to the gods, while women of the time used honey as a face mask to keep their skin glowing. Knowing how magical honey can be for my health, I was over the moon to try Sun Potion’s Bio-Active Honey as I know it is one of the most potent offerings of this sweet healer available. 

Sun Potion’s Bio-Active Honey has traditionally only been available near its origin of Western Australia, but lucky for me (and you!) Sun Potion was able to bring this extremely rare honey stateside. Cultivated in a pristine forest in a bio-secure habitat, the bees get their pollen from the ancient Marri trees, also known as the medicine tree by the local aborigine tribes. The bio-secure habitat is part of what makes this honey so rare, as the bees are protected from environmental pollutants and harm, ensuring the purest and most potent honey available.

What makes Bio-Active Honey special compared to regular ol’ honey? Regular honey is pasteurized and heated, which kills so many of the nutrients and antioxidants that make honey so healing. Sun Potion’s Bio-Active Honey is in its most raw form, meaning all of the healing properties are kept in tact. 

The medicinal components come from the high levels of antioxidants, antimicrobial properties, high level of minerals and oxygen. This Bio Active Honey has an AFH (active honey factor) rating of 40+, meaning it has a bio-available oxygen level of 40 percent, making it ideal for treating minor sore throats, coughs and it may even help to strengthen your immunity. Also known as a prebiotic, Bio-Active Honey is naturally healing for your gut microbiome and may help to balance out your digestive system. 

How I Use My Bio-Active Honey...


I love wearing this Bio Active honey as a face mask to generate a clear, healthy complexion. I feel like an ancient goddess when I apply a honey mask and lounge around my apartment. All you need to do is take enough honey from jar to apply to face, spread evenly, let sit for 20-30 minutes (I love to do this while taking a bath). Once finished, gently remove with a warm wash cloth and see how much your skin just glows from the healing and skin-softening properties that honey delivers. 


It’s the perfect addition for potions/teas/smoothies that need a touch of sweetness. Using Bio-Active Honey as an alternative to sugar is one of my favorite ways to satisfy a sweet tooth, as it’s actually incredibly healing to the body and when used in small amounts and it won’t send blood sugar levels haywire, which is the fastest way to throw off our hormones. 


This is my favorite recipe to use whenever I feel like a cold is coming on or even if I want a warm, healing tonic to sip during the colder months. I even love to drink this throughout the winter, first thing in the morning as the lemon works to detox the liver and ginger helps to activate the digestive system. The Bio-Active Honey is raw and takes longer to digest (which is a good thing!) than processed sugar, thus providing stabilized energy versus the energy spike and crash of processed sugar. 


1 sachet ginger tea (or can use fresh ginger if preferred)

½ lemon (juiced)

½ tsp. Cordyceps

½ tsp. Reishi

1 tsp. of Bio-Active Honey 



Brew tea following instructions on the back of a tea bag or prepare fresh ginger as preferred

Once tea is steeped, place in a high speed blender with lemon, mushrooms and Bio-Active Honey

Blend on high until smooth

Serve in favorite vessel and In Joy! 

Amanda Blair

Amanda Blair is a writer, former yoga teacher and Relationship Coach who specializes in attachment theory. 

Originally from Northern California she now lives in a quiet neighborhood in Brooklyn. Nature is her church and she is frequently leaving her cozy borough to find solace in the trees of upstate NY or California. Join her as she shares practical advice on how to stop dating the wrong partner and start loving yourself enough to find the right one.