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"How do you give love to your sacred temple?"

This week on the Sun Potion Journal, Gabi Torres shares a nighttime Transcendent Elixir recipe for deep sleep, using our Ashwagandha, Bacopa and Mucuna tinctures plus the dreamy butterfly pea flower. We invite you to read on and try this one for a cozy night in.

The fountain of youth resides within. It is sustained by the manner in which we treat our bodies as sacred temples. It can really be so simple. A practice that I embarked on two years ago was simply shifting away from alcoholic beverages. No more wine, beer etc. all natural only. Why? Because it was an easy way for me to simplify and show worship to my temple. To sustain that fountain of youth. Creating potions soon after also became a way of sustaining my elixir of youth. An all natural medicine that can assist me in glowing from the inside out as well as assist me in getting better rest which is something that is so important in feeling good and healthy.

One thing that I have come to value a lot in time has been consistency. It has assisted me in building my work and allowed me to see my growth. This relationship that I have developed with my yoga teaching has allowed me to consider consistency in other areas of my life. Creating nightly potions is an act of self care that, during the times that I am not consistent with it, I feel it.

After a long day of teaching yoga, practicing yoga and being active, my potion has become a method of winding down. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a moment that I look forward too and it is easy, simple and rewarding. I began to experiment with The Transcendent Elixirs and found Mucuna Pruriens, Bacopa and Ashwanghanda to be my favorites. Creating a concoction with these three babies have been putting me into a deep sleep. The potion-creating has become a ritual. So much so that my love asks me every night "are you going to make a potion tonight?!" It has become wholesome and grounding for everyone in the home.

Although I do not drink alcohol and the elixirs contain alcohol, I do not believe in restricting a natural homeopathic medicine such as this one for that reason. It is a very different approach which is not used for recreational use, versus homeopathic uses at a tolerable amount for the physical body. I feel that in this journey we all have to discover what works for us and what we value. I value my health, wellbeing, and honoring my being because when I feel good I am able to share those high-vibrating frequencies with those around me. How do you give love to your sacred temple?

Blue Moon Sleepy Mylk Potion

(serves 2)


oat mylk

butterfly blue pea powder

1 full drop of Ashwanganda Transcendent Elixir

1 full drop of Mucuna Pruriens Transcendent Elixir

1 full drop of Bacopa Transcendent Elixir

2 tsp. Yin Power

cinnamon to taste



I place all ingredients in my witchy pot and mix them like that while I warm it up

If I am desiring extra froth, I mix in the NutriBullet


Photos by Gabi Torres

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Gabi Torres

Gabi is a creative spiritual entrepreneur currently practicing in the sunny jungle of Miami Beach, FL where she was born and raised. Prior to this she lived in the west side of LA while undergoing her masters in Art Therapy at LMU. Her work is inspired by a connection: spirit to earth through her inner wisdom married with the sacred arts of yoga, herbalism, ritual, and practical magick. She often works with the elements of nature to heal, call upon manifestations or plant seeds for the future. She is in the midst of opening up her own studio called Earth to Yoga where one will be able to experience all of this.


Photo: @annush