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Nutritional consultant and filmmaker, Cathryn Fowler has created these potent Chocolate Mint Truffles, with the intention of promoting brain clarity and longevity. Using Raw Cacao and adaptogens like Mucuna Pruriens (which contains 15% L-dopa, a direct precursor to dopamine!) she invites us to awaken from auto-pilot mode and to activate our mind and body in order to grow. Learn how to re-create these delicious treats in her sweet step-by-step video... 

I’m all about encouraging and educating others to enjoy nourishing foods that help fuel and heal their bodies, but it’s not all about the body - there’s the whole mind element. Our thoughts. Our beliefs. And these influence our quality of life. Profoundly. So I like to create recipes to activate both the body and the mind. And I like them to be delicious.

For this particular recipe, I wanted to include some adaptogens that would help engage the mind. Why? Because an engaged mind more easily enables us to be an outside observer of our thoughts. And from that outside observation, we can more easily choose which thoughts to accept and which ones to reject. (Hint: you should accept all the ones that are rooted in your worth, love, and value. And vehemently reject all the ones that label you as incapable, unlovable, unworthy, and invaluable.)
It’s all about the mind-body connection! Auto pilot turned off. Activation and growth turned on. And adaptogens are great tools for this when taken over periods of time!

Naturally, I gravitated towards Lion's Mane, He Shou Wu, and Mucuna. Whenever I feel myself teetering on the edge of destructive patterns, anxious thoughts, and feeling stuck, my go-to is Lion’s Mane (though Reishi would be wonderful too!). Whenever I feel like I could use a dose of extra happiness, I reach for my mood-boosting Mucuna jar. And He Shou Wu is just another beautiful supportive herb for the mind activation process. And they taste delicious together, especially with cacao. I got the idea for the recipe from Camille Julia at Becoming Fully Human. Best enjoyed with a side of tea and nourishing thoughts.

Chocolate Mint Truffles

(for clarity/focus/mood)


1 small avocado

1 large roasted sweet potato*

3 drops essential oil (I used Young Living)

1/3 cup Sun Potion Raw Cacao

pinch quality salt (I used Redmond Real Salt)

1 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. Sun Potion Lion’s Mane (could use Reishi)

1 tsp. Sun Potion He Shou Wu

1 tsp. Sun Potion Mucuna Pruriens

1/4 cup coconut butter

1/4 cup cup grass-fed collagen

sweetener to taste: I usually use about 1 tbsp. raw honey OR 2 tbsp. monk

fruit sweetener

bee pollen for topping (optional)



*Cut sweet potato into wedges and roast at 400 degrees F in the oven until it’s oozing it's natural sugars (about 30-40 minutes)

Add everything to a food processor and mix until combined

Pour mixed batter into a bowl and refrigerate for about 20-30 minutes (to stiffen a bit)

(~Perfect time for a cup of tea~)

Take batter out of fridge and roll into balls

Roll balls into bee pollen



 Another Option...

Alternatively, you can smoosh the batter into a square pan and cover with vanilla frosting

For the frosting, I usually use:

6 tbsp. Laird Superfood Unsweetened Creamer (could use plain coconut powder instead)

1/2 cup favorite milk (I used vanilla almond milk)

1-2 tsp. monk fruit sweetener

2 tbsp. coconut flour


add Sun Potion Tocos

Mix altogether in a bowl

Mash with a fork to get the clumps out

Spread on top of batter

Store in refrigerator or freezer to set