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Dear Sun Potion — dear sun potion

Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.

I'm a busy mom, working full time and need a pick-me-up that gives me energy and elevates my mood. Which Sun Potion would be best to start out on?

Hi there busy mom, we would love to help! You could start with a morning Matcha if that is something you enjoy- with additions like Lion's Mane to promote cognitive health and Mucuna Pruriens which contains 15% L-dopa, a direct precursor to dopamine (try 1/2 tsp. of both). Reishi is another great addition to for supporting daily stress. You could make a tonic with all of these or just add a couple to your tea or coffee to start the day.

Which products are most comprehensive? In other words, which products would you choose to have in your pantry at all times? Thanks!

Great question! While difficult to just pick a few, the ones we currently have in rotation and stocked on our shelves are: Jasmine Tocos, Reishi, Pine Pollen, Anandamide, Shea Butter and Chlorella. But this is always changing based on how we feel and what is working best for us at the present moment!

Hello! What supplements/powders would you recommend for brain health? I am specifically hoping to address a genetic proclivity for dementia/alzheimer's disease. I have heard of Lion's Mane before! But beyond that, could really use guidance. Thank you!!

We love brain-supportive adaptogens and tonic herbs. First we would like to preface our response by sharing that we are not herbalists or practitioners and reaching out to one may be best. However, based on our knowledge of the products- Lion's Mane is certainly a great one to look into but also Mucuna Pruriens. Mucuna contains 15% L-dopa, a direct precursor to dopamine and has been studied for its neuroprotective properties. Pearl is another amazing superfood to check out. Pearl is often featured as a skin tonic but additionally can be very supportive for brain health. A super brain powered tonic could include Pearl, Mucuna Pruriens and Lion's Mane!

Which of the Sun Potion products would you most recommend for a 60 year old recovering opiate addict that has terrible pain from having had a stroke...continued below

Q: Which of the Sun Potion products would you most recommend for a 60 year old recovering opiate addict that has terrible pain from having had a stroke. He is also an insomniac. Also for another in his 60’s who has pain due to having had a fall when younger from a roof that has resulted in broken bone fragments in his hips and legs. Thank you for your amazing potions. A: Thank you for asking these questions! We want to preface our answer by stating we are not herbalists and it may be best for these individuals to consult their practitioner and an herbalist if possible. That being said, for the first individual we recommend looking more into: Reishi, Cordyceps, Eucommia and Mucuna Pruriens. For the second individual, Eucommia may also be beneficial for them plus Pearl which works to support bone health and would be great in a tea or tonic alongside the Eucommia. 


Hi there, we believe you are asking about the best adaptogens and tonic herbs to support testosterone. If so, we recommend looking further into Pine Pollen - a tonic herb providing dual-directional hormone support. Moringa is another great one to look into and tastes great in a green smoothie or Matcha! You could prepare a matcha latte and add Pine Pollen and Moringa for a morning tonic.

A client who is 62 and running about 200 miles a month asked which adaptogens / sun potion products we would recommend?

First - that is incredible! There are certainly some tonic herbs and adaptogens that may support this individual. I would recommend the following: Pearl - wonderful for bone and skin health Eucommia - a tonic for the joints, kidneys and recovery Cordyceps - this fungi is incredible for supporting endurance + stamina, especially wonderful for athletes Lion's Mane - a medicinal mushroom that works to support cognitive health, immunity and longevity.  A potion can be made with all four of these or however many they want to include, (1/4-1/2 tsp. of each per one serving) - great in coffee, tea, blended tonics with a plant milk or in kombucha or other fermented teas.  

I just had a baby and found out I have had a broken bone for a few years and multiple sclerosis which lead me to your Anandamine product because it supports the myelin sheath...continued below

Hello, is there a reason why you don’t carry the Anandamide anymore? I just ordered some from amazon. And just checked out your website. Looking forward to trying more products. I just had a baby and found out I have had a broken bone for a few years and multiple sclerosis which lead me to your Anandamine product because it supports the myelin sheath. Is there another product that you would recommend for me? Thanks very much!--- Hi there! Happy to report Anandamide is available now! Additionally, we recommend looking more into Eucommia, Pearl and Cordyceps.

What is best for someone who is on anti anxiety Rx and wishing to decrease Rx to removing them entirely?

Hi there, we would love to recommend adaptogens that may support stress, anxiety and the nervous system. Our first recommendation is to speak with your healthcare practitioner/herbalist if possible. We cannot provide any medical advice but once you have that conversation with your doctor, we would suggest looking further into Reishi, He Shou Wu, Ashwagandha and Mucuna Pruriens. These tonic herbs and adaptogens may support mood, balance and overall well being.

What would you recommend for strengthening teeth and healthy gums?

Hi there, thanks for asking! Maca is a wonderful superfood for supporting healthy we recommend our Green Adaptogen, a blend of Suma, Maca and Chlorella. Chlorella in this blend is also great for supporting detoxification and overall health. I also recommend looking more into Pearl, additionally it's great for supporting bone and skin health.  Additional support for teeth + gum health: — oil pulling  — daily flossing with natural products — Living libations is a great resource for holistic dentistry — Activated Charcoal rinses

Hi, After delivering my baby a year ago, my skin has been completely changed due to the hormonal imbalance. Also with lack of sleep and tiredness...

"Im looking for something that could boost my energy as well as I wish my skin could go back to the way it was. Could you please advise?"... ... Skin health adaptogens...we can certainly advise! Our first recommendations for single ingredient products are: Pine Pollen (which may support skin health in relation to hormone imbalance), He Shou Wu (a tonic for the nervous system, skin and hair health) Pearl and also Reishi (to support stress, skin health and immunity). Additionally, Yin Power may be great for you! It contains hormone-supportive adaptogens like the ones listed above and more. You can start with our travel ally version if you'd like to see what you think or just go with something like Pine Pollen.  Here is a great tonic to try: Goji Berry Beauty Tonic by Rocio Graves on our Sun Potion journal!