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Trying to make my first purchase and I suppose to get 15% off my first order from $345 would be helpful. Please advise.

Hey there! Please email us at so we can make sure your first order discount c...

Hey Sun Potion, I just had my second miscarriage in the last year. See I have a healthy four year old, and all the test have ruled out known fertility issues...

"...I should be able to have another child medically speaking especially since I have had one alr...

I have something called idiopathic hypersomnia, which basically means I'm extremely sleepy all the time...

"'s like narcolepsy, but taking naps or sleeping a lot doesn't actually help. Do you have an...

What would you recommend for strengthening teeth and healthy gums?

Hi there, thanks for asking! Maca is a wonderful superfood for supporting healthy we recommend our Green Adaptogen, a blend of Suma, Maca and Chlorella. Chlorella in this blend is also great for supporting detoxification and overall health. I also recommend looking more into Pearl, additionally it's great for supporting bone and skin health. 

Additional support for teeth + gum health:

— oil pulling 

— daily flossing with natural products

— Living libations is a great resource for holistic dentistry

— Activated Charcoal rinses

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