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A client who is 62 and running about 200 miles a month asked which adaptogens / sun potion products we would recommend?

First - that is incredible! There are certainly some tonic herbs and adaptogens that may support this individual. I would recommend the following:

Pearl - wonderful for bone and skin health

Eucommia - a tonic for the joints, kidneys and recovery

Cordyceps - this fungi is incredible for supporting endurance + stamina, especially wonderful for athletes

Lion's Mane - a medicinal mushroom that works to support cognitive health, immunity and longevity. 

A potion can be made with all four of these or however many they want to include, (1/4-1/2 tsp. of each per one serving)

- great in coffee, tea, blended tonics with a plant milk or in kombucha or other fermented teas.